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In Escape from Tarkov you don’t feel the consequences of battles, although the game positions itself as a hardcore shooter. There is no particular fear of getting injured in the legs, arms and abdomen. Players fearlessly storm the enemy if his weapon and ammunition are not capable of causing special damage to armor. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the game is too ultimatum medicine.

From the very beginning of the raid, almost all PMCs use painkillers and after that they just start moving. Blacked out broke your leg? It's okay, we run further without losing speed. Blacked out broke your arm? There will be a tremor and the ADS speed weapons will slow down, but this will not particularly affect the firefight at distances less than 50 meters.

Medicine needs revision / recast.


Surgical kits:

Legs: in addition to reducing the maximum HP of the limb, reduce the movement speed / carried weight / jump height by a specified percentage. With a lower debuff threshold of, say, 50%.

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Right hand: additional reduction in ergonomics, holding time in aiming mode, slight tremor.

Left hand: decrease reload speed, decrease ergonomics, decrease ads speed.

Stomach: Chance of random bleeding.


Additional debuffs for painkillers;

Increased delay and action time for tablets and ointments;

Splints (fracture treatment):Legs:decrease in running speed by a given percentage;


I understand that this is a game. But still it is about hardcore, as the developers say. And the consequences of getting injured after the fight are a very interesting decision in my opinion. My suggestion is not critical, but it will affect the game. Personally, I am very tired of players who are going through hits on the arms and legs and continue fighting, despite the losses. Running on broken legs, etc. And now the only and 100% option to defeat is to hit the head. There is no particular danger of losing a limb, as it is only 20-100 seconds of inactivity.

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I would be glad to hear constructive criticism and your suggestions.

An example of changing anesthesia in the table at the link:

Google Doc

EFT forum


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