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More colored labs cards (and perhaps keys overall) need crafts/barters.

I am of the opinion that Tarkov should be relatively playable without the use of the flea market. Don't get me wrong, I love the flea market, but I feel like max level traders should allow you to play without the flea market (i.e. if flea market were removed right now, do max level traders really have enough to play comfortably? In terms of ammo, armor, guns, I say yes. In terms of other things like keys? Hell no.). Semi unrelated, but speaking of Tarkov being playable without the flea market, I hate that they removed Skier selling the PK-06 and it's now FiR only.

The issue is that without the flea market, only the labs black and violet cards are realistically obtainable, which means that without the flea market, high level labs play is essentially not possible. I honestly think that most of the keys for every map should have barters. Maybe labs red could be find in raid only, because of its uniqueness on the map, but I would love to see things like Labs green and perhaps Ultra Med being given trader barters at LL4. Or maybe some maps could have one to several unique keys that are find in raid/buy from flea only. Interchange could have Ultra Med (as Kiba and saferoom are barter/craftable), Labs could have Red, etc.

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The main reason I suggest this is because, as we all know, Labs Red is wildly overpriced on the flea market. In terms of the roubles it contains per raid, it's worth (at most) 4 Ultra Meds (a 4-6mil key). However, since the Labs Red is so much more rare than any other key, its price is up to 10x higher than other keys of similar loot value. Making it less limited in supply via a barter trade (maybe 20 ledx, 20 moonshine from Therapist LL4 or something) will cap its price at a more reasonable amount while still giving it massive (just less massive) value on the Flea Market.

I would also love to see more creative key spawns, especially in terms of bosses. Right now, every boss essentially drops a labs keycard or better. I would love to see Killa drop, instead of a labs keycard 99% of the time, EITHER a labs card or Kiba key 99% of the time, with the chance, as usual, for other keys. Reshala could drop a labs keycard or marked room key most of the time, again with the chance for better keys as it is now. I know this is a meaningless change, because Labs cards, Kiba keys, and marked room keys are very similar in price, but it would contribute to immersion and also, it would help to reduce reliance on the flea market.

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What do you all think?


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