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My initial experiences with Tarkov

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Hello! I’m Havocful.

I’ve decided to start a little collection of stories that I may expand on depending on how much time I have to play and what I learn. This will most likely include ridiculous moments in my new Tarkov journey, tips and tricks I’ve picked up on that may seem obvious, and the occasional and all-too-familiar “Tarkov Experience”.

So I first started playing Tarkov due to my friends: “pepehands” (Twice) and “Rual” telling me how much fun they have at times. Rual specifically told me that I may not enjoy the game since he knows what I like to play and Tarkov is very unforgiving. I believe that something that helped was having my friend “inval” also start as a new Tarkov player. From there, our 4 man adventures began, with some of us taking breaks from grief over events in our escapades.

• One of the funniest thing I’ve encountered is when I started telling Twice and Rual some people that I like to watch, specifically Lvndmarks, GeneralSam, and Pestily. Twice informed me that he’s been killed by Land in labs multiple times and he actually showed me a clip of one of his death. It would later come to my attention that Twice was one of the people in red room of labs that got killed when Landmarks had a rice cooker on his head. (Might post Twice’s POV later) He was the one outside of the room on the right little elbow with the Five-Seven.

• I ran factory from level 1 to 7 and apparently factory is a special hell that I should not have run. It did help me get used to a lot of things early on like the sounds that different materials make, some extracts on the map, what kind of loot to expect from searching different things, and how much I despise the “hey havoc is that you?” shoot shoot

• Not having flea market is hell. I started hoarding at level 6 until I could sell my FiR stuff, and now according to my friends I have a serious stash problem. I only have the standard edition so stash and container space is limited. Makes the game challenging when I carry a CMS, ALU splint, and maybe spare ammo “in the butt” and I’m clogged up.

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• I made 1M roubles and it felt nice having two stacks of 500k. May not be much to some but it feels good not having to scrounge up “cheese.”

• I sadly never figured out his name but on a dark night at customs I met a stranger near the bridge/tunnel of old gas. I was a mere hatchling trying to learn the map. He aimed at me, I remembered what reddit taught me and I did the “wiggle”. He eased up and had me follow him. He gave me the shattered face mask (I believe that’s the name), and I figured we were exchanging gifts, so I dropped some weapon parts. He took me all the way to the Crossroads or RUAF roadblock extract where we wiggled and crouch spammed at each other. (You have no idea how much I appreciate you.)

• Second-Hand accomplishment: Twice upgraded his PC and can run labs at over 20 FPS now. Honestly this is probably the best thing that’s happened.

• The hideout is a money sink that honestly isn’t worth it if you don’t have the disposable income I don’t think. Some things are nice like the workbench but damn upgrading other stuff is costly.

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• I learned a lot of terms that made me question what game I was playing, notably “Juice Cannon” and “The Rapist” as well as “Penis Helmet”. I started running labs with my friends and it’s been a wild ride.

• Inval one time thought that a raider saying a voice line was me moving on the floor of mid in labs after most of the people extracted and many of them were dropped. Inval and I both fell to the god raider known as Varan.

• Today in Woods I killed a guy with a really kitted RSASS with a cheap ADAR build that I made. It felt great to use a gun that I kinda picked out and put together to take down a PMC. It also gets my heart going when I have high tier loot, but the rest of the squad needs to make a profit before we extract so I’m stuck roughing it out.

• Inval and I do not compete against Twice’s endurance. We are panting while this man is doing triple backwards 50 ft somersaults.

• Raiders have aimbot.

• Do not trust Twice with providing overwatch in Woods, this man will test bullet drop on you and black out your limbs. (RIP to Rual’s left arm.)

• I have huge respect for people that play this game at a high level. The macro and micro that’s needed is insane.

Things I’m working on:

• Learn spawns and map extracts

• Learn how to peek and effectively gunplay without having a more traditional shooter mentality.

•Get over gear fear so I can be more reliable. (Yeah I’ve stopped running SKS, Paca, and penis helmets. Kind of a big deal, I know. Rual almost didn’t believe it when I joined the lobby and had a TV rig and “meta” HK.)

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• Upgrade to da EOD.

• Be a better teammate for the sake of the group.

Final note: if you guys are new or old share some of your stories or any unconventional things you’ve learned about tarkov like funny nicknames.

I might post some pics or clips of some of the little stories I’ve shared. Thanks to BSG for making a captivating game and thanks to the people of this subreddit for providing laughs, advice, and second-hand grief over losses.


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