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My proposal for an eft campaign/tutorial

Content of the article: "My proposal for an eft campaign/tutorial"

In Escape From Tarkov, I would like to see a PvE campaign/story mode with many missions, challenges, and rewards where:

New players can learn the basics of the game right off the bat from a training tutorial and (at first) easy PvE

Pros: Less people will be frustrated by the cruelty of eft may result in less people quitting. Tutorial may result in a more even playing ground between new players and experienced players Cons: a tutorial may conflict with the idea of eft being a hardcore game. BSG may not want EFT to hold the hand of every noobs that walk into Tarkov

Players can be rewarded with loot from campaign missions based on challenges (such as the challenges in Rainbow Six Siege in Situations) note: lets say there are three challenges per mission. For each quest you complete, you receive a reward that you can only get once

Pros: players couldn’t farm one mission for loot repeatedly. Players may be encouraged to try out the PvP experience when they receive loot for their PMC. Loot received for challenges may be easily adjusted if too valuable or not valuable enough. Cons: players may want PvE that you can farm and repeatedly get loot from (aka Killa and 10 man labs). The campaign would provide lots of opportunities for loot, but it would be different in the sense that every campaign is different and you could only benefit from playing a mission again when you have an I completed challenge to get a reward from. Also, missions would obviously be finite.

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Players that prefer PvE can play through a fun and easy or extremely difficult Player vs. Environment campaign where no PvP is involved

Pros: Eft may attract story game players with a riveting campaign. Players that are annoyed by getting killed by other players can retreat to a PvE setting where they won’t get extract camped by a player scav with M61 in a hunter. Cons: some players may think that PvE is boring and PvP is mainly what makes EFT fun

Players may get even more immersed into Tarkov, even choosing whether to experience the campaign as a BEAR or USEC

Pros: as people know Soap McTavish from CoD, EFT could create an iconic character that will help EFT leave a legacy. Most of my favorite CoD games had the best campaigns. I think the BEAR or USEC choice would give 2 different campaigns that allow more content for people who want to redo the campaign from a new perspective. Cons: may be a lot of storage/content/work for BSG.

There are a few difficulty settings (i.e easy, medium, hard, realistic) note: harder difficulty settings will give more advanced tutorials that teach you complex strategies and tactics, such as blindfires

Pros: people experienced or inexperienced in FPS can have fun with and learn from the campaign Cons: more work for BSG

Written by Brady Hurd / @braeby on discord

Note: this is written with some thought about how this campaign will affect seasonal gameplay. However, this game addition could also be implemented in a persistent game model.


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