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My Reserve White Knight

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We first laid eyes on each other when you sauntered out from the containers between the two knight buildings. Your slightly uncoordinated footsteps clumsily announced your presence, I assume a function of last nights festivities still coursing through your veins (as they were mine). I prepared for the worst, a bead of sweat forming at my brow, non-existent gamma slightly puckered, waiting to be murdered for a single band aid and my trusty shotgun. My pre-emptive wiggling was a function of both a rather strong desire to live and fear. "Friendly," I whispered; my voice trembling. You wiggled back. Then you b-hopped, a confirmation of sorts… could this be it? Your vodka-gut was jiggling like Nikita's waterbed when he describes the perfectly-balanced GL to his harem.

We ventured into black knight, awkwardly looting amongst each other; criss-crossing paths while keeping tabs, building trust and rapport. Voice lines were exchanged, flashlights strobed in anticipation of a budding partnership. Clad in my scav vest, finest windbreaker, and pillbox cap, I desperately searched for loot to offer as a sign of trust. We made it safely to white queen, checking the tech spawns, desperately hoping for some overlooked mili loot. We were gelling – more voice lines, some hand signals. Less wandering around like headless chickens. Until an M4 sharply announced its presence in white pawn. We scouted white pawn from the third story of queen, hanging out the windows and flipping off the unknown scum murdering our brethren. We ventured to the roof, and that's when you made your intentions clear.

With a flick of your flashlight on your trusty MP-153 followed by a roof-pop in the general direction of white pawn, I knew that for which you yearned. We were off – charging downstairs at a breakneck pace. You led the way out the east side of white queen. I heard you pre-pop a stim and followed suit, and we valiantly charged, knowing the only promise we could keep was to bravely fight until the end.

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We Leroy-Jenkins'ed it upstairs. I think you made it all the way to the roof and crossed to the other stairwell. I calmly spammed my voicelines to avoid friendly fire and strike fear in the heartless murdering asshole we were working to eliminate. The tell-tale rattle of a grenade across the floor above (or was it below….praise be to vertical audio) confirmed we were no longer alone. I pushed up to fourth and saw a dead body – fuck…but it wasn't you! There was still a chance…. until another crushing burst of the M4. I knew it was over.

I made it to the dead body and pried an AKMN from their still-warm hands, flipped it to auto, prayed that it wasn't empty, and waited for the soulless shit stain to crouch walk his cowardly ass across the fourth floor.


I looted and scooted…. well… ambled hurriedly… to the the hole in the fence by the mountains. The only thing heavier than my newfound attack bag was my heart. You will never be forgotten. It's not often that two scavs pair up… the hardest thing a scav can do is trust a fellow scav.

Our combined efforts are greater than the sum of the parts. Alone we are weak, easily dispatched, more notches in a meta M4. Together, we are strong, like Toz. Working together yields a greater chance of ridding our once beautiful Tarkov from the soulless cocksuckers running roughshod. Senselessly exterminating our brothers and stealing our loot. Fuck them. Scav gang forever.

RIP Friend. Thank you for a memorable raid a reminder to what this game can be.

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