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My road to kappa

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Hi there,

Last week I tried killing sanitor and reshala and had no luck 3 days straight, actually I never saw sanitor.

I had no work on Friday and started in the morning the grind for sanitor.

My loadout (put a lot of thought into it but that was all unnecessary) was a ttv standard green helmet and I found a sr-25 before so just put a foregrip and pk06 on and went in.

The first raid I found him at the pier killed one guard and him, the second guard got me but I was happy, good successful raid.

Then onto customs first raid, I had the golden tt in my pocket but died to one of reshalas guards, but already the next raid I got the golden tt out!

Next stop was killa iirc which was only 1 raid as well, rushed his spots killed him, got out. Same with shturman, killed one guard and himself, dunno what happened to the other but got out with the key!!

Then gluhar… Wasn't easy, did even some loot runs in between (reserve still very good for that) But got him in the end after like 8-10 raids. I think he is the most brutal boss, u see him u die…

Got the guide done on the weekend as well. I'm on 7/8 raiders killed. But the two biggest chokes coming up are

grenadier 4/12 grenade kills

And tarkov shooter 8, tried it some didn't got lucky.

Gonna try it again Friday in the morning (the games before mid daytime feel way more soft)

The other is sbih but that only takes time (and a little luck) and I have half of it done already (shoreline done interchange only 1 kill needed)

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If anything I wanna say don't get frustrated if u can't get a quest done, just try again and u will get there.

I was so stuck on the sanitor kill quest I was close to giving up but then 1 lucky raid and it got me there.

Just my story of the road to kappa this far, hope there is no wipe within the next 2 weeks..

Cheers guys have a great day and week!

Edit: oh and just forgot, even the weekend went super lucky for me there were raids I didn't as good. Never forget that one raid, full Chad mode like close to 1 Mio rubels loadout, customs (task was kill 3 reshala guards) big red side, ran towards the bridge heard a noise, thought its the spawn right next to the bridge, walked around the little Hut right side bridge, and just saw that lucky guy in the Hut with his pm pistol, one tapped me to the face

Had a laugh, and I always think on his side, he must had a great day with all that stuff for 1 bullet 😂


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