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My thoughts and experiences of getting Kappa for the first time

Content of the article: "My thoughts and experiences of getting Kappa for the first time"

Quick bit of background, I have been playing Tarkov since May 2019 and this is my 3rd wipe. Last wipe I got myself to level 40 to get max traders but after that I didn't really try with any of the late game quests, I just ended up helping my mates with their quests. Just a heads up, this is a long one but there is a TLDR at the bottom if you would prefer.

For this wipe I set myself the challenge of getting Kappa. Now I didn't go hardcore on it but I wanted to get it this time and as a treat for getting it I was going to get EoD.

The challenge was set, now to actually doing it. I didn't change much about how I played until level 40 like usual, the only difference was if I found a collector item I made sure I got that out and started my collection in my lucky scav junkbox. It was after level 40 where things took a turn.

Shooter Born in Heaven I actually didn't find this too bad, while it was a bit slow and involved lots of camping, it didn't cause me too much salt. I just patiently sat in my raids waiting for the opportunities. Obviously as others have said before Interchange was the hardest but my final kill was so satisfying it made all the pain before it fade away. Was also a good chance to level up my mosin skill for later peacekeeper quests.

Test Drive – Part 1 I was so worried about this quest because I did not want to have to rebuy the reap-ir and hybrid 46 so I put this off for a while. It was made worse by the fact that reap-irs are crap now with the lower refresh rate making it so hard to hit shots. While I knew where everyone was, it was really hard to hit them. I did this on woods hoping that people would be playing a bit slower and make it easier to hit the follow up shots. Thankfully I did it all in one life

Huntsman Path – Sell-out Killa fuck you with your power sliding 7N39 using rpk. Killing him is one thing, looting his body is another but I got there in the end.

Huntsman Path – Eraser – Part 1 This is the quest I got stuck on for the longest. I don't play much reserve so I was apprehensive about this one. I started jumping in pretty geared, making sure I had good ammo and good armour to take on Glukhar and his boiz. The first night of going for this with my mate we ran Reserve about 4 times and Glukhar was up 2-3 times. While we didn't get to him first we felt good about his spawn rate. Then came the drought. Raid after raid and no Glukhar or spawning on the other side of the map only to find his body later. This combined with dying to Glukhar twice during these runs after killing all his guards and then getting 1 tapped in the chest from his Ash while he silently hid in a corner, I was at breaking point and my mate had passed it, he gave up and reset his account. I tried partnering up with people on the official discord but found most of the people asking for Reserve in EU were low level hoping for a carry. About a month after starting I did a couple of raids with some of my other friends who didn't have the quest yet. On my final raid of the night at 1am with work in the morning I jumped into Reserve. We spawned near black pawn and ran in. I hear the unmistakable sounds of Gluhkar in the boiz. I had fucked this up 2 times before, I was not gonna waste this opportunity when we were the closest spawn. Me and my friends systematically took out the guards until we finally spied him at the end of a corridor. The kill itself was so anticlimactic. He stood down the other end, looking the other way, by this point I was running an AK-74N with BT because I was half arsing it and so it took 2 mags to take thicc boi down, he didn't react the entire time. After all that time and effort he just sat there and took it, was the easiest boss kill I got in terms of the fight. For me this quest is just luck, because he doesn't spawn half the time and even when he does, unless you are the closest spawn to him he will either die before you get there or you will die getting to him because running across reserve early on makes you an easy target. Personally if you are going to have Glukhar have 6 or so different spawn locations I think he should just be up in every raid rather than 2 sets of RNG to compete with, similar for Reshala as well I suppose although not as much variation there in spawn locations.

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The guide thankfully this took me only 2 attempts. I did reserve and factory first before taking on labs. First go we did reserve and died on factory. Second attempt we got reserve and factory done and it was time for labs. After all the fuss on the reddit about cheaters I was worried. We were loading in as a 3 man with 2 of us pretty geared. We spawn underground which was a good start, made our way slowly to one of the levers for one of the elevators, thankfully no raiders spawned down with us after we pulled it. Again we slowly crept towards the elevator and then proceeded to camp it for the next 10 mins. While it was stressful in the end it was incredibly uneventful, no one came after us, we just sat there and eventually extracted. Now just to do the rest of the maps without dying so I didn't need to do that again. For the remaining maps I went night time and sat in a bush for the first 10 mins before slowly making my way to my exit. Nothing exciting just trying to survive. I left customs to last. I spawned factory side. I decided to go dorms side as since the customs expansion I feel the construction side of the map is the place to be now and dorms side feels much quieter now. I killed a pistoling at admin gate and then found a bush around the electricity pylon and waited. About 5 mins later I hear so rustling near me, I slowly look around and see a pilgrim wearing PMC heading for me. I open fire and straight away he fires back, my guy is grunting, I am seeing limbs so black, I start limping and this guy just won't drop. With about 5 7.62 BP left in my 50 rounder he finally drops. He's dead but this isn't over, I check my health, I'm on 40 hp with 2 bleeds. I then started surgery to fix my blacked legs like an idiot. Quickly cancel and fix my bleeds first, then propital and now I can fix those limbs. I check the dude that nearly ended me, level 18 with slug rounds in his shotgun, wow I'm bad. At this point we are at the 10 min mark, I hear shots over by the rocks around gas, time to get out of here. I am walking on the backside of bus depot next to 2-story dorms when my guy grunts again and my screen goes blurry. My heart rate leaps back up again. I quickly run into the container with the stash to get some cover and pop my blue stim. Time to just leg it as fast as I can and get some distance on this guy. I run all the way to smugglers boat without stopping and thankfully it's open. I'm watching that countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, AND WE'RE OUT. 10/10 most stressful raid I have ever done but it was over

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Huntsman Path – Eraser – Part 2 this was my last quest before collector. I just ran Reserve and it was pretty uneventful, I just waited around K buildings hoping raiders would spawn when people hit the buzzer. With 1 kill left I then did 4 reserve raids without seeing any raiders. Again on my last raid of the night at 1am I got my final kill

I got out of that reserve run on the buzzer, picked up the Collector from Fence and one by one ticked my streamer items off. There it was, in my messages, this unknown item, my Kappa. It was over, I felt the stress of the last few months lift, I was free.

What I will say about the whole experience is I will probably never go for Kappa again. I am glad to say I got it once but for me the late game quests are not fun when you are going hard for them and only them. Personally next wipe I will probably just hit level 40 for max traders and then do what I want with my raids.

TLDR I finally got my first Kappa, personally I probably won't go for it again and just hit level 40 and then do what I want. Worst quest for me was hunting Glukhar due to reserve being full of geared guys, Glukhar having 6 or so spawn locations when he does spawn so unless RNG is on your side even if he is up you might not be the first to him. The guide gave me my most stressful raid in Tarkov ever but the sense of relief after was incredible. All in all, glad to say I finally got it

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