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My tips after 7 months of Tarkov

Content of the article: "My tips after 7 months of Tarkov"

I still consider myself pretty low on the skill curve for this game but slightly more experienced than a beginner. I wanted to pass along some of things I found really useful in terms of surviving raids and still making decent money. This is not some perfect guide in how to make x amount of money per hour or anything like that, just some tips that have helped make my raids a little more successful.

  1. Very rarely sprint. I would say this change in how I moved through out the raid alone improved my survival rate by 20%. (I am at around 60%). Not sprinting usually means I hear someone else before they hear me and I can choose to hide or fight.
  2. Always insure your gear. You hear this a lot – but it really helps offset spending money when you get your backpack and rigs back – even more so if your gun comes back.
  3. You don't need to rush or go ultra slow to be successful in looting. A steady pace has been the sweet spot for me. This comes down to gameplay preference as well.. but for me just continually pushing through the map toward extract seems to be the safest option. If I try and rush I get out gunned by chads.. if I try and ultra-rat I miss out on good loot, get bored, and if I die after sitting in a corner for 30 min it pisses me off way more than a normal death.
  4. If you kill a player unnoticed always assume there is at least 1 more enemy teammate before looting. Do a thorough sweep of the area around the body and listen carefully for movement. Can't tell you how many times I got killed by enemy teammates before learning this.
  5. You don't have to loot super high value items to make good money. You just have to be consistent and steady with getting out alive with stuff to sell. The money will add up pretty quickly.
  6. If you are brand new I would say focus on learning maps and looting. Fighting will be hard at first without decent gear and ammo. What I use typically when I am poor is SKS with PS or BP if I have any.. its accurate and if you hit them in the face they die.
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Hopefully someone finds these tips helpful. I know a lot of it is subjective to how you want to play the game but I figured why not – something to do in-between raids.


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