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New patch broke the GL40

Content of the article: "New patch broke the GL40"

TL;DR – GL40 cannot be used with a zeroing due to a bug that was introduced in this patch. Only ironsights work now.

GL40 is now nearly unusable at ranges, and it can only be used at CQB.
GL40's zeroing mechanism has broken because of this patch (12.8.9831).
Before, you could change zeroing on a collimator sight, which drives the dot downwards, making the PMC raise his weapon upwards in order to see the dot, which is how zeroing works for holographic sights – see :

Now, it's broken completely. The dot is still projected at a lower angle, but the character does not raise his weapon in order to see the dot. Instead, he just stares into the empty glass which doesn't show the dot. See:

I am aware I am probably one of the 2~3 people in the entire playerbase that uses GL40 with zeroing, and probably the only one that enjoys long range shots with it. Nobody will shed a single tear for this feature being broken, and it will probably never be fixed within the next 2 years.

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But please, if possible, fix this regression bug from the new patch.

Or just give us a proper ranging sight like so that we can use the grenade launcher at a range properly (and delete the short range fuse munitions to lessen the community's complaints about the weapon while you're at it)

Note: this is not an intended "balance" feature. The proper zeroing behavior works if the weapon is modified in any way(stock fold, adding/subtracting mods from it) while it's in hand. It breaks again when you holster your weapon due to heal animation or switching to another weapon. This is a bug that's possibly screwing up with other kinds of zeroing behaviors for other guns too. GL isn't the only one affected – all the sniper scopes & sights zeroing is possibly screwed up until you fold stocks or change modding while the weapon is in hand.


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