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New player experience is needlessly bad

Content of the article: "New player experience is needlessly bad"

Almost all of the quests you can take early on take you to customs, and it has notoriously shit spawns and the map is basically a massive funnel (which admittably did improve with the expasion, still bad though).

One quest wants you go to dorms(bad already), loot a key, go to construction, go to a super exposed location, grab an item, and extract.

Another quest wants you to get a key you don't have, go to dorms(again) and look at some water.

One quest wants you to go to a room next to massively contested spawns, make a bunch of noise, get an item, extract, and go to a DIFFERENT map (factory, also bad map for newbies) go to a super exposed location, plant it, and extract. Without dying at any point int his process.

Guess where the next one is, if you guessed Customs, you have pattern recognition (and if you're new, learned helplessness at this point). This quest wants to do a tour of the whole map with a bunch of 10,000 rouble paperweights filling up your alpha and place these things down and wait for a minute 4 times in 4 different places.(You can do each one on a different raid, which is good because it would be impossible otherwise for > 99% of people)

Another wants you to (You guessed it) go to Customs, get a key, go to the middle of the map in an exposed location, grab an item, and extract.

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Another wants you get pistol kills against PMCs, guess that means more factory(Oh goodie, all that customs really tired me out, glad I can have a nice change of pace from all that PvP actio- oh wait).

Therapist wants scav kills on Customs just so you have to play that garbage map some more, too bad there's like only1 or 2 scavs that spawn unless you live past the first 5 minutes through some divine intervention causing you to not fight 30secs after spawning, then you get to fight player scavs(I wonder why people complain about customs so much when starting out.)

A couple ask you to go to woods, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the onslaught of customs, customs, factory, customs, and more customs. And even though it has a similar "grab thing and get out with it" quest, it's much easier on account of the item not being in a contested loot zone and woods being a much better designed map and not arbitrarily forcing you into fights every chance it gets.

I could go on but the point is, these <lvl10 quests are BRUTAL and 90% of them require you to go to the 2nd hardest map. (I don't count labs, it obviously doesn't count when we are talking about starter quests). I'm willing to be the vast majority of people that quit the game early, do so because these opening quests are on a single, repetitive, hard map and require too much of a new player too soon.

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