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New way of playing Tarkov to spice it up before the wipe, difficult and very replayable

Content of the article: "New way of playing Tarkov to spice it up before the wipe, difficult and very replayable"

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The Tarkov Gauntlet Rules


Run through every map as many times as possible with a single kit without replenishing from your stash and only extracting when you have obtained a specified amount of points.

Run through the maps from left to right in order:


*Factory and Woods are very hard without altering the system. These maps are optional for this mode.

*You must leave Reserves with the Train or Hermetic door extract.

*Can run the maps in reverse order, Labs is the last map to play regardless.

After the raid you are allowed to conduct only the following stated (even for dead players):

Repair armor/helmets/faceshields (NO replacements from stash/traders/flea market)

Deposit any loot to make space in your backpack/kit/container

Replace apparel(Face cover, Eyewear, Non-helmets Headgear and Earpiece)

Load KeyCards for Labs

*Overall- you can take loot out, but cannot add any items to your PMC after you begin the first raid and every raid following.

After raid you may not do anything else, examples follows (even for dead players):

No healing

No energy/hydration replenishment

No changing secure container items

*You may remove items from container, but you can NOT add items into it

No changing gear

No reloading magazines or adding ammo stacks

No additional meds


When a player on a team dies they must still adhere and obey the rules stated above.

A team wipe will result in an entire reset of the whole game mode.

*As long as one team member extracts with the points needed the team continues to the next map.

Points System:

You must get the following points based on team size.

1-2 Man Teams: 10points total

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3-4 Man Teams: 15points total

5 Man Teams: 20points total

*Points do NOT carry over to next map, point only apply to current map

Point Values:

Killing PMCs – 5 Points for 1st kill, 3 Points for 2nd kill, 1 point for the rest of PMC kills

Looting Safes (Must be unlooted) – 5 Points for 1st safe, 3 Points for 2nd safe, 1 point for the rest of the safes found

Looting MarkRoom/Kiba/SafeRoom Exfil/Sherman Stash (must be unlooted) – 5 Points

Killing Scavs – 1 Point for each Scav kills

Killing Scav boss and all boss minions – 5 Points total

Killing Raiders – 2 Points for each kill

Obtaining a 500k+ Rouble single item loot(market value) – 5 Points

Team Member killed – 2 Points for each death

Difficulty Modifier:

Aqua mode -5 Points

Normal mode +0 Points

Hard mode +5 Points

Expert mode +10 Points

Streamer +15 Points

*These points are added or subtracted to the score you need based on team size to raise or lower the difficulty.

Starting Modes:

Normal: Load in with any gear/weapons you choose.

Mac and Cheese: Load in with Makarov and AI2 only.

Hardcore: Start with no gear/ weapons.

1 Man Army: Load every gear/weapon for the team into a single backpack.

*No stacking backpacks.

Difficulty levels as follows:

Normal: 1 6SH118 Raid Backpack for 1-3 player team, 2 6SH118 Raid Backpacks for 4-5 player team

Hard: 1 6SH118 Raid Backpack for 4-5 player team

Expert: 1 Attack 2 Backpack for any size team

Streamer: 1 Scav Backpack for any size team

Modifiers for all starting modes:

No secure container

No starting medical

No flea market

Level 1 Traders and no flea market

Level 2 Traders and no flea market

Level 3 Traders and no flea market

Level 4 Traders and no flea market

Hints and Tips

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Bring addition ammo in secure container

Bring additional meds

Bring additional food and water

Bring keys for all maps

Prioritize keys that give points

Teammates are allowed to carry gear out of raid, and into the next raid for dead players (Can be the original gear dead player brought in from start or found in raid gear).

Bring Mule

Bring Surv12

Bring Full Ibuprofen

Bring Grizzly

Use Armored Chest rigs *easier gear recovery

Use collapsible guns *easier gear recovery

Don't stack all supplies on one person

Leave loot behind

Play slow

Leave team mates gear *Every dead teammate requires more gear to be carried out

Use steel and UHMWPE armor *replares better

Team kills results in large amounts of meds to be used

Diversify team’s weapon choices

Final comment:

This game mode was designed to spice up trakov to give the same rush as a wipe. It's supposed to have you moving around the map to get the points or put you in very high risk situations as a single death without gear recovery can set back a team massively. The massive amount of modes is meant for replay ability and the normal mode has been play tested over the past few days. It's hard let me know what yall think.


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