Escape from Tarkov

Nik’s rant really motivated me to do something for you guys…

Some of you may remember me, most probably not. I used to stream EFT alongside Klean back in Alpha. I was taking off with about as much momentum as he was but due to me spending an unhealthy amount of time streaming and not with my family I decided to end it. This alongside some drama between me and the forum moderation team really cemented my decision to abandon EFT as a pursuit of creative inspiration via streaming/content creation.

I've been playing as much as I can but with a new baby in the family it's been hard. A lot of the changes to the game really hindered my ability to be a major force in the game like I am used to being. Regardless of these changes I have always understood what Nikita's vision has been and have supported it fully. It CAN'T be like other games, or it will fail. Props to BSG for all the great work.

Now, on to the goods.

Seeing Nik basically remind himself on stream how this is a passion project and he wants to make the game that "is inside his head", really made me realize how far I have also gotten away from enjoying the game like I used to. So I've decided to make a change.

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A few of you may remember me posting some episodic short stories I based in the EFT universe. They were EXTREMELY fun to write, and I wanted to continue writing them but due to work and having a new baby, it pretty much fell to the wayside. Well now I have a little more free time and I decided to convert all of the episodes into a more palatable PDF format and also translate Russian versions for those who need it. Seeing Nikita truck through all the negativity really inspired me to put aside what I've been NOT wanting to do b/c of laziness which is the "work" part of writing a story.

Now the RUS versions are VERY jank, as the only tools I have currently are Google Docs translate, but I hope I can improve on that in the future.

The EFT universe inspires me to tell these stories as best I can and I REALLY hope you guys enjoy them. Constructive criticism is always welcome and I hope you all can have your love of the EFT universe renewed in a way like mine was while writing them. I can say that from now on I will be dedicating slices of my free time to continuing the story of Kostya and his BEAR team. Stay happy and keep loving each other comrades.

  • Episode 0: The Head of the Snake – ENG/RUS
  • Episode 1: A Mother's Love – ENG/RUS
  • Episode 2: Denmother – ENG/RUS
  • Episode 3: Ursus Canis – ENG/RUS
  • Episode 4: Nadsmotrshchik – ENG/RUS
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