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One hell of an unforgettable shoreline raid (1 vs 2 waves of players)

Content of the article: "One hell of an unforgettable shoreline raid (1 vs 2 waves of players)"

TLDR: Load into shorline raid and 3rd party a 5 man and 2 solos fighting. All 7 were in the same discord. 5 man in one chat and 2 others in another chat. Clean them up, loot and head to extract. Those same guys load in as scavs and try to hunt me down on my way to extract. I kill a few of them and then we run into a 2 man camping extract. The scavs kill the one man, and get killed by the other. I dodge the bullets of the last extract camper to dive into rock passage and extract successfully.

So I load into a shoreline raid against a 5 man, who also had 2 solo friends load into the same raid as them.

I hoof it up to resort from road to customs. Peak from the side of east wing to check out the front entrance and see 1 guy run in. I move to the rear entrance of east wing and hear shooting upstairs. The 2 solos run into the 5 man on 2nd floor and are fighting each other. I happen to show up right as 2 guys in the back of a room get flashed by a star round. At this point im standing with 2 guys in a room on my left both flashed. 1 dude in the hall on my right, another dude in the hall on my left. I naded the room on the left with a vog, kill 1 guy and the other ran out. I shot one solo player in the left hall. Ran upstairs to kill the dude who ran out of the room that got flashed. Kill him. In total there were 7 dead pmcs in resort. I loot up all I can and proceed to stim the fuck up as Im hurt and really overweight.

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I run to rock passage extract but on my way there I run into a scav who was one of the 7 dead pmcs. He and some of his friends loaded in as scavs to catch me on my way out of extract. Kill this scav. At this point I have a blacked arm and a badly damaged fort redut m armor. As i get to the north wall just to the east of rock passage extract I kill one other scav from the squad. At this point there were 2 pmc extract campers hiding. One in a bush in front of rock passage and another on the west side of the bank. I get lit by the far exit camper and double back. Another one of the squad scavs spots me and shoots at me getting 4 or 5 hits and blacking out my armor. At this point im sitting at 60 hp and hide behind a tree as I also ran out of ammo. That player scav gets shot by the far exit camper and killed. Sometime while that was happening the player scavs also killed the other extract camper. So It was just me and the far camper. I swap armors, heal up, stim up and book it to rock passage weaving to dodge the campers shots. Go prone behind a rock he cant hit me at and extract.

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BIG shoutout to the boys of Fx clan for making one hell of a tough raid!


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