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One Hundred ₽85k Scav Cases – Was it Worth It? (Data and Results)

Greetings and Salutations Everyone,

Short Intro, my name is Schwahn, this is my first wipe and I started a little late into it (January 31st, 2021).

I am now level 41, have a complete hideout save for Solar and Lv 3 Bitcoin Farm, ₽20m, and have like 2 dozen quests left for Kappa. (Mostly Jaeger’s crap).

I bought the materials to build the Scav Case on March 10th. (Cost ₽4m at the time.)

I, at the time, was much more interested in the ₽85k case thanks to its lower cost. Most people I talked to said that the only way to go was the Moonshine/Intel and that you were wasting your time with anything else. We saw some people on the subreddit here sporting Green Keycards from ₽85k Cases, but otherwise it “wasn’t worth it”.

I decided to check and committed myself o opening 100 cases of the ₽85k exchange, record the costs, the items, and the money generated, and see how it worked out.

I have completed it, and am here to share my findings.

A Quick Note: All of this data is unreliable. The amount of rubles I made is based on selling the items from the case on the Flea Market, and the market fluctuates. More or less money could have been made if certain items were opened on different days, or even at different times of the day.

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(Shows the contents of every case, their value/profit, the date they were opened, the patch they were opened during, and includes a full loot list with the price I got for each item.)

Rare/Notable Loot

  • Graphics Card

  • 11SR Keycard

  • Marked Key (Customs)

  • RB-PS81 Key

  • PB-PKPM Key

  • Ratchet Wrench (This sold for ₽1m, but this is likely because it was right after it was implemented and the market is still in flux around this new item being part of the GPU Craft.)

(There were some others that just weren’t as valuable so I didn’t list them, such as a Tank Battery, Earlier in the wipe, this could be much more valuable.)

Data based on if you purchase the items for the Scav Case (I bought the items for ₽4m, which is reflected in my spreadsheet. – BUT the most recent patch added 3x Moonshine to the craft, so the amounts below factor in the additional ~₽1m it would cost to build it today)

Total Costs

  • ₽13,500,000

Total Money Generated

  • ₽17,852,000

Total Profit

  • ₽3,562,000

Average Profit per Case

  • ₽35,620

Data Based on if you find the items for the Scav Case

Total Costs

  • ₽8,500,000

Total Money Generated

  • ₽17,852,000

Total Profit

  • ₽8,562,000

Average Profit per Case

  • ₽85,620
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Data if we remove the Rare/Notable Loot

Total Costs

  • ₽8,500,000

Total Money Generated

  • ₽10,852,000

Total Profit

  • ₽1,562,000

Average Profit per Case

  • ₽15,620

Data if we remove the Rare/Notable Loot and add back in Case Construction Cost

Total Costs

  • ₽13,500,000

Total Money Generated

  • ₽10,852,000

Total Profit

  • -₽2,648,000

Average Profit per Case

  • -₽26,480

My Worst Case

  • Glock TFX Rear Sight

  • Toilet Paper

(That was it, literally the whole thing… They gave me some TP to clean up with because they knew it was shit.)


The ₽85,000 Scav Case is worth it in almost every circumstance, with the only exception being that you pay for the materials for the case, open 100 case and don’t manage a single “Chase” item.

On average though, the ₽85,000 Scav Case is worth twice it’s value in the items you receive.

If you manage to construct the case, and are concerned about burning the ~₽400k for Moonshine/Intel, maybe consider just rolling some ₽85k Exchanges.

EXTRA: This also doesn’t factor in the “return time”. I was able to complete this fairly quickly because I am working from home and could pop Tarkov open to collect the case and reset it. The ₽85,000 Scav Case only has 2 Hours and 15m on it’s return. Where Intel/Moonshine is ~5 Hours. If you can’t constantly collect the 85k Case, the Intel/Moonshine would be understandably more appealing since there is less “Wasted Time”.

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Feedback is appreciated. If there is anything you think I should have done different or would like to see me do in the future, please let me know.

Thank you,



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