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Operation: Save The Economy

Content of the article: "Operation: Save The Economy"

Recently, I made a post saying how the economy needed more sinks in order to fight inflation and give new and returning players a chance to compete. That post generated a lot of discussion.

But I didn't detail exactly how to do that, nor did I have any ideas to actually add an sinks without pissing someone off.

But, now I do, and I think its plan that won't adversely affect anyone.

I present to you…

Operations! (And shitty Photoshop)

But let me explain how they work, and the benefits of putting these quests in the game.

Every week, possibly every weekend, or whenever depending on your time zone and region. One of the traders has a new quest.

But why would in need to happen every weekend? This sounds amazing, I want to grind the fuck out of these quests!

Well, if we had these all day, every day, and a lot of people played them, it could oversaturate the economy and do the opposite effect and decrease gear costs as well as reduce the amount of money in the economy. It also might burn people out of these quests very quickly.

This quest require a buy in of a certain amount, and pays out either a large sum of money (Preferably 2 to 3 times the buyout) upon completion. Or a large sum of FIR goods.

But what's the catch? How is this different from any other quest?

Well, in order to accept the quest, you have to buy-in, when you do so, your put into a queue with a bunch of other PMCs that have also bought in.

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This Sounds a lot like labs...

Because the idea is very similar to labs, except the stakes are higher, the action is faster, the rewards are different, and you would be more encouraged to bring in your best gear.

The quest objective would be to obtain a case full of goods, or a case of money, etc. And extract.

Only one person/duo/trio/team/squad can extract, and you can only extract with the case of goods in your possession. Almost like a labs keycard. But to leave.

You would also only be put in queue with other people that have bought in. If you someone else extracts with the case, all remaining surviving players go MIA.

If you die or go MIA, you lose your Buy-In, BSG could choose whether or not insurance is collected at the end.

Just pretend all the BP has a FIR tag next to it.

Now these goods would all be counted as FIR. That means you could sell them on the flea, turn them in for quests, use them yourself, etc.

But how does this help take money away from the economy?

Well lets say the reward for this quest is 2500 rounds of 7.62 BP. On the flea, 2500 rounds would cost you 2,115,575 Rub (Going by current trader prices, not flea prices. I did this for tax reasons)

Plus the Ammo Case so 162,000

That's a reward of about 2,400,000 Rub

Now lets say 8 PMCs sign up for this 'Operation' That's an 8,000,000 Rub total buy-in plus whatever gear they brought in.

So for a buy-in of about 1,000,000 (Just for example) You could more than double your money, and that's not even including gear taken out of raid if you were to eliminate all extra PMCs and yoink their shit.

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^But that's the perspective of a player taking part in an operation.

For the game, its taking out more than 8,000,000 Rub, while only printing 2,400,000 Rub.

BSG could also increase the rewards a lot, or modify the outcome of these quests, alot, and as long as they are below the total buy-in costs. The quest will still drain the economy a little bit.

An operation, could be a money sink, that prints money, and still feels rewarding to all players.

As Well as a quest that feels better to do than any of the Jaeger quests, and actually feels like an actual quest.

This can also be an endgame activity that players could take part in.

Now this is where you can stop reading if all you care about is the idea of new content.

Now what would this do to the FIR Economy?

Well, for starters, it would reduce the price of whatever item is being rewarded assuming people are winning and listing their winnings on the flea market. So for the above example, BP Ammo would have another supply temporarily, so the price would decrease temporarily; and eventually even itself out again once the operation is done and supply dries up.

If BSG really wanted to, they could remove Best In Slot gear, the Most Meta Ammo, Best Attachments etc, from traders. And make them bulk rewards for completing this Operation, as a further incentive to take part in the Operation, give players an actual endgame activity, and reduce the supply of end-game gear.

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Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk part 2.


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