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Opinion – BSG Knows what they are doing – Tarkov economy is better than ever

Content of the article: "Opinion – BSG Knows what they are doing – Tarkov economy is better than ever"

First: BSG devs, Nikita, stand firm! Your intuitions are good. You have a clear direction you want to take the game. Don't be bullied by the loss-aversion prone players who do not see the big picture. Do not take 'amount of reddit complaints' as a measure of anything.

The people who are happy never post. The silent majority never posts. If you really need to, bribe the children with temporary measures such as rouble handouts but please do not make permanent changes to the game based on reactions to rampant negativity.

Economy: I've been playing starting last wipe. I've played this one from the start. The problems with the economy last wipe were in my opinion:

  1. Flea market economy made every item only worth it's rubles-count, no item was unique. You could always get what you wanted.
  2. It was possible to exploit the economy by rushing high-value loot spawns and using your Secure Asshole (TM).
  3. It was generally easy to access the kind of powerful gear that makes the game much more about spotting than about fighting (auto-laser-beams, thermals). This made the game part a much less complex, less interesting and overall unfun experience.
  4. Flea-market bots, flippers and trader-arbiters eliminated most of the reasons to ever use barters/traders because there was no scarcity. They eliminated profit for casual players. And they printed money.

You have without a doubt managed to fix all of these to some extent, taking great leaps in the right direction.

Three major (beautiful) changes did this:

A. Loot-frequency in high-value spots much reduced

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B. Flea-market being found-in-raid

C. Secure-container items only getting FIR at a successful extract

We are now playing a game where people use weapons they find in raid and where surviving is important and where scarcity forces difficult choices. We are also playing a game where players experience enough risk-aversion to make PVP a strategic choice. Due to the lower profit from PVP players also bring in worse gear, since they do not expect to fight as often, making the conflict there is scrappier and more exciting. Insurance returns are much more common, helping newbies. Finding high-value items actually makes your heart pump. Playing with your hideout is somewhat viable. Saving items to make barters makes sense, especially non-FIR ones.

This is all made possible by you making the economy less efficient. You have created inefficiencies and opportunities that are not cashed in by a select few players, they are available to everyone.

Counterpoints to the hate:

– No, streamers having high-end gear is not a problem. They play 24/7, are skilled and you most likely will never encounter them.

– No, less cash & guns for everyone does not make it hardest for the casuals. The overall reduced levels of gear-power makes fights last, and allows people to learn or run away.

– No, this game is not about the PVP. It is an element of it. The end-game and story-quests are not yet implemented, and that will offer other things to build towards.

Final words:

Keep up the good work. Don't let yourselves be affected by the complaining. Keep loot and equipment scarce, and keep eliminating economic strategies that do not fulfull your vision for the game.

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Also, goddamn double the price of thermals please, they ruin the strategy of your beautiful creation.


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