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Opinion: Soundwhoring and Static Loot are Very Bad for the Gameplay

Content of the article: "Opinion: Soundwhoring and Static Loot are Very Bad for the Gameplay"

When I first starting playing EFT, I would try to creep up on people and make stealth plays, but I quickly learned that sound is just so easy in this game that in order to sneak up on someone and actually make an interesting play, you have to use the slowest speed and crouch, and they can still hear you, and if you aim down site or turn too much or toggle an attachment or anything of the sort, they'll hear it through 3 solid walls of concrete. God forbid you have to walk on metal. So I eventually said fuck it, no stealth plays. I can either A) Push and let them know I'm coming but jiggle a lot and b-hop when applicable or B) Set up an ambush.

I started with A. It's fun, I ended up doing way better, got better at combat, used peakers advantage to get easy kills on campers, ect. But this gets boring, every fight ends up with spraying for the head and hoping you land a hit first, which is fine I guess but I wanted to mix it up because this game is so immersive I wanna be sneaky!

So what did I end up doing? Camping / ambushing. I'd camp near an exit, or near a high tier static loot spawn. This game makes player behavior so incredibly predictable. Hear a nade go off in dorms? Go sit in the bush right next to v-ex extract, and 9/10 times a fully geared lad comes out and you get a free kill. I can't push without revealing my position or spending 10 minutes creeping, so I sit and wait.

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This goes for all the maps, so many places you can set up in a bush and just wait. It's super effective for PVP, albeit it requires some patience usually.

I feel like if the game nerfed sound, make it so you can't hear people coming from so far away and through walls / floors so damn easily, people would actually explore more and fights would be far more interesting. Squads that are coordinated and actually hold points of entry and clear properly would excel, and solo's who can make high IQ stealthy flank plays would have a blast.

This change, along with moving the loot around in a dynamic way so that people are encouraged to explore the map rather than disregard their safety in a mad dash for the epic static spawns, would make me ambush only in very specific situations, but most of my time would be spent carefully exploring the map for loot and get into fights in a variety of locations on the map, and 90% of the PMC's wouldn't be dead in the first 90 seconds of the raid.


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