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Perspective of an IT Engineer on the current situation

Hello everyone,

As someone who works as IT Security engineer, I would like to point out some things that (/u/trainfender) didn't mention (or partially.. or I missed them, I'm no god.. especially not when playing Tarkov).

I'm by no means here to excuse BSG on anything nor to defend them but to give more information about how IT based company works.

Many people (me included, not gonna lie) are quite 'stressed' by the situation of the game at the moment regarding 'desync' issues. But thing are more complicated than they just seems.

The majority of people that yells bird names at BSG tend to forget (or don't know) that an IT infrastructure isn't just one server, plugged on internet where a code runs.. It is way more complicated than that.

Nowadays, we see 3 main types of infrastructure. These are 'On site' (everything in your own or rented datacenter), 'Hosted' (everything is virtual and hosted by Amazon web services or Azure for example) or 'hybrid' (bit of both). Of course, infrastructure hosted by Amazon or Azure are easier to manage, upgrade, resize, replace,.. but they are far from being cheap. (I'm sorry if the names aren't what you're used to, I'm translating from french).

At my work, whenever we are facing an issue with a server's performance, replacing the said server with another that is twice as powerful doesn't mean it'll run two times better (Without even mentioning the time it takes to get the offer from the manufacturer, budget and approval from management and finance, process the order, get delivery, configure it, rack it, test it before setting it in prod, etc..) . Of course this is a bit faster when using AWS or Azure but still takes some time. Some migrations projects from one hardware technology to another that I've worked on took over a year to complete.

Also, having the 'perfect code' isn't enough in itself if it's coupled with internet provider issues (which as a client you have quite limited control on.. and I can't count how many times I've had to call Verizon Business because their fibers / routers kept failing), network issues or 'low performance hardware' (these are examples). For all current issues to be resolved, it would require to work on many many aspect of the code and infrastructure at the same time. Fixing one without the other wouldn't be enough.

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As some people may know, in an IT Infrastructure, you can find Firewalls, Load Balancers, storage (and back-ups), Databases, Proxies, Wan Accelerators, Internet circuits / lines, Routers, Switches, etc.

These devices cost a lot of money to buy (firewalls alone can range from 10 to 500 000€ or even more) and maintain and are not easily replaced / upgraded if they are 'in-house / physical hardware'. It also means that the more a company and it's infrastructure grows, the more complicated it becomes (and you need more and more experts to manage all that). Then you need to know that most devices like firewalls go in pairs, for redundancy, so the service stays available in case of issues.. which of course almost double the costs.

We also have to think about the maintenance and support contract from the manufacturers which sometimes are just as expensive as the devices themselves (that's not a joke.. regular firewall manufacturers have prices like 25-50 000€ / year for 24/7 support for a single device). I've already transported and installed servers, router and firewalls that cost more than my apartment and everything that I own included.

Another point is that most companies also need a UAT (Test) environment so they can develop and test feature outside of production and I'm sure BSG have that.. and of course that cost money to acquire and requires people to maintain and run it.

Then, in the center of all these devices (or behind, depeding on how you see it), you have the servers where the code runs.. that is connected to the firewalls, the databases, the storages..

All of that is just the infrastructure part, I didn't even mention the laptops / PC, offices, printers, etc etc that the employees use for their daily tasks.

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Of course, all infrastructure have differences and I'm an expert in the banking / credit card industry, not the gaming one so I'm not sure about how BSG manages their things but I think they have a bit of everything (firewalls, proxies, storages, routers.. and a lot of network / security / developpers / project managers..).

With all that being said, you can easily imagine how difficult it is to invest tens of thousands of euros/dollars if not hundreds of thousands of euros/dollars, especially when you have a business like the gaming industry where the trends and hype affects your business a lot (at least that's how I see it with streamers, events, etc.)

All that to say that BSG has its wrongs (doing some sneaky changes, telling x but doing y, etc.), but I think that the massive popularity gain from the last year + the covid situation didn't help them at all. Most IT company that I know weren't prepared for covid and needed a few weeks / months to adjust which just hurt every ongoing project. Hell, in my previous company we were so unprepared that we had to install VPN clients (and buy licenses for everyone, while the money stopped flowing in) on desktops and put the desktops in people's car so they could take it at home to work remotely !

I started playing in January 2020 and ranked 1200hours so far. Some will say that I'm still new and didn't know the 2017-2018 years. That's very true. Nonetheless, I noticed some improvements since I started (no more stutters being a good example) and some drawbacks (less scavs, desync). But overall, this is one of the best game I have every played and trust me I've played a lot of video games in the past 25 years. I also made very good internet friends on the different discord that I play on and that alone is just really cool (can't say the same about you, League of Legends french community..).

If you took the time to read all this then thank you a lot. I might have explained things using incorrect words as I'm translating from French or explained things in terms simpler than they truly are, but I think everyone will get how I view things and how f**** expensive and hard to manage IT is.. and also how things can sometime take weeks or months even tho on a first glance it looks like it can be fixed in a few hours / days. Also, English is my third language so apologies in advance if some of my phrasing isn't correct.

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PS 1 : I've the same username on the game. If by any chance (or bad luck) I kill you, drop me a nice message and I might discard your stuff in a bush !

PS 2 : Nikita, I think you should hire a community manager to deal with all the angry people in the subs and forums, otherwise you'll either go crazy or end up with an ulcer. And no one wants that. But that's just my opinion. Peace mate !


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