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Please stop with the lore breaking unrealistic bullshit

Content of the article: "Please stop with the lore breaking unrealistic bullshit"

Okay I will try to be constructive but I am a bit pissed off to be honest. Just got done watching the Live #5 Tarkov podcast and Klean mentioned using stims to "cold blood" against thermals. Nikita did not disagree at all and actually noted this as a possible change. Okay what the fuck is Tarkov then?

I understand Kleans comment was off the cuff and also looking out for the casual players but changes like this are completely ruining the concept of Tarkov. I invested into this game for the Battle Simulator experience and every patch we seem to get more and more action FPS bullshit that is quite actually turning Tarkov into Call of Duty with a tactical reskin.

So more thermals are being added to Tarkov and casual players are concerned. So what is a proper solution to keep with the lore and realism of a battle simulator? Thermal negating clothing and face masks. These already exist in the military world and can be very effective. It will add a sense of worth since you would need multiple clothing pieces to get full coverage and therefore be rewarded with the ability to negate thermals.

This is both true to life and still allows balance of the thermals. Now what is becoming a continual fuck you to the hardcore player base are these half baked meta solutions to the problems. So instead of making an interesting and complex solution to a problem what then is the answer? Well a fucking stim that makes your entire body lose all heat sig instantly that you pop before every raid of course. Not only is this idea braindead since the stim would automatically be outside of the casual players purchasing range due to how strong it is but more importantly it goes directly against the entire concept of Tarkov.

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Every time I see ideas like this it really makes me think about just not playing the game anymore because why should I continue to invest into what may be the ONLY viable battle simulator on the market just to play a watered down call of duty clone with 20 minute gear prep cooldowns. What is the point of even developing this game then if we are going to turn it into fantasy nonsense? I feel so disconnected as a player when these sort of ideas are thrown around.

If you are going to reply with examples of why Tarkov is not realistic and why we should not care anymore about having a hardcore vision please understand you are proving my point. Does anyone else feel this way not just about the specific thermal topic but the overall direction the game seems to be going? Should I just go back to Arma and call it a day? This sucks. 🙁

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