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Possible fix to radar without lagging the servers

I like sniping. I like to sit in a super obscure area on a big map with a very narrow field of vision, throw in a dip, listen to an audio book, and chill. I actually love getting to Shooter Born each wipe just so I can have an excuse to finally play for those 1 in 10 games where someone stumbles right into my FoV and gets doinked without even knowing where it came from. I'm doing a no flea market play through right now and I've got an 80% survival rate with this playstyle through level 30. However, it seems as if the majority of my deaths so far have come from pretty obvious radar hackers. For a while it was maybe once every few days. Someone would sprint up to my bush in the corner of the map and toss a grenade in for no reason. I'm pretty damn good at not moving or giving myself away, even when people are sprinting right over top of me. There's no explanation besides radar for why people would behave this way, and I've reported all of them, but that doesn't seem to do much. Over the last week it's seemed to have gotten worse. Not just random grenades, but full auto bursts from hundreds of meters away. Oh well, it's happens right? Never going to get 100% of the hackers. That's just life. And then today happened. Three matches out of six I found a hidey hole away from normal foot traffic, hunkered down in a bush with a clear LoS to something important, and waited. Only to have someone sprint up to me and spray me down out of the blue. For context, I don't even have my hand on my mouse and keyboard much of the time. It's not as if I'm moving around and making noise. I've checked the bushes to make sure that they're big enough to not only cover my player model, but also my muzzle. I don't even stay put after shooting, even though I always run suppressed quiet weapons like an AKM or DVL. Each of these deaths were CLEARLY the result of radar hacks. So what to do?

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As far as I know (and this is the part where this could be a really ignorant and stupid idea) radar hacks work by intercepting player location data and displaying it into a third party program. The game sends the position of the player to the server and receives the positions of each other player in response. BSG attempted to encrypt this data at one point, but immediately reversed course as it added an incredible amount of latency to the game. What if, instead of encrypting the data, BSG simply obscured it in a fog of meaningless random data instead? What if each tic the server generated positions for 100 "players" but only 10 (or however many are supposed to be on a given map) were legitimate players? They could encrypt which players were real and which were fake and the description would only have to be done client side, so it wouldn't stress the servers out. That would hopefully lead to little or no lag. They could run the fake "players" data off of historical data from previous raids, scav AI, players active in other raids, or by some other smart person logic. To a legit player they would see nothing different from what they do now, but to someone attempting to packet snoop (super high tech hacker lingo that is definitely 100% accurate) they would see a massive swarm of "players" running around doing player things. They wouldn't be able to tell which "players" were actually players and which ones were fakes designed to fuck their radars.

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I get the idea behind ban waves, and I understand that BSG is doing everything within their power to get rid of hackers, but it might be time to start thinking outside of the box. You're never going to prevent people from intercepting the player location data. At one point I would have said "BAN CHINA" but I think at this point the Chinese have mostly lost interest and it's a bunch of wanna be streamers from LA who are doing the hacking. We aren't going to get rid of them. At least not entirely. There's no more crazy full auto M1A's every match, at least not that I have seen, but there are still an abundance of more cautious radar hackers running amok. I know they are on BSG's radar (okay, pun intended) but they really need to be the main focus right now. This is my lame uneducated attempt to help.


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