Escape from Tarkov

POV of a first wipe player in Tarkov

Tarkov has been the most fun thing I've experienced in these last months, I cannot stop playing it, I cannot stop raging over it, and I cannot stop loving it, it's been 2-4 hours daily playing this game after I'm done with my activities during the day, and I'm here to share my experience during my first wipe gameplay, and possibly share some insights.

I think the early wipe experience I've had was pretty great, and I could see a lot changing as the game progressed into the late wipe. It was difficult and frustrating, but that's what this game is all about. It was a challenge to learn how to play this, from mechanics, to shooting, learning the maps, looting… it's too much information, but eventually you get used to it and you start having a whole lot of fun.

PVP is pretty good, but the desync is pretty horrible sometimes, it gets me really mad, but it's pretty good when it doesn't happen. Been enjoying it so far not being a total chad with slicks, altyns, m4s or mk47s, you can actually have a pretty decent build with AKs and cheap lvl 5 armor (it makes me pretty happy when I kill a chad with my simple builds). It's more about bullet meta than gun meta, but you can also make pretty decent runs with cheaper bullets as well (like 5.45 BT or 7.62×39 PS).

Although everything's been pretty fun, there's 2 major complaints about this game. Rare loots and Kappa. Honestly, until the dynamic loot came out, rare loots was already something hard to come by, but still in a 2-4 hours playing, you could still manage to find 1 GPU or harder loot like a LEDX in a day if you tried really hard, but right now, it's just impossible. It's been almost a whole month without finding one, which it's making it frustrating. Making money is not a big problem in the game, it's more about not wanting to spend 900k on every single GPU while trying to build your bitcoin farm. Money's not an issue, but then again, you can't just go spending it all out, else you'll be poor and struggling to make a half decent kit to play (Aqua is a great example of that, and also a great example of how an EOD account is way easier to make money).

Kappa is also another frustrating thing. I've been playing this game daily and dedicated myself entirely to do missions and upgrade my hideout, which I've managed to finish almost all of them so far, but I'm still just level 43. I know they downgraded the level to 67, and made a whole lot more of missions with plenty of XP to help, but it's still something pretty hard for a reward I'll possibly only get in a few months yet (We still don't know how long this wipe will last, I hope it will be longer in that case).

I know this game is just a beta and it's nowhere near what the final product is supposed to be. BSG has been doing a great job on making this game, and I'm really glad of the experience so far, just thinking it becomes quite tedious to play when the missions are hard and upgrading your hideout becomes way too expensive. I don't even consider myself such a casual player, 'cuz I can still deticate up to 4 hours into this everyday, I can't imagine how frustrating it is for people with less time than that.

Anyway, thank you for reaching this far and I hope you enjoyed the reading, I'd love to see some people perspective about all of this. Hope you all have a great day.


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