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Prohibited Program: Docker – Can we be notified before going into a raid?

So first off, I understand why all virtual machine systems are prohibited. I'm fine with that. The problem is I use these tools (docker specifically) for work and hobby work – I'm sure BSG probably use VM's in their testing too. I work during the day, game in the evening, and yes sometimes i forget to shut Docker down (it doesn't even have any machines running, its just idle waiting).

The problem is the game doesn't tell me until i'm well into a raid. I could be 10-15 mins in and get disconnected. The disconnection screens are slow, so that takes about 30 seconds or so, then i shut it down, that takes 30-60 seconds, then the profile loads, and i hit reconnect. All in, i'm idle in the middle of a raid for 2+ minutes.

Please can we have the game tell us about virtual machines earlier? Maybe when i click to to select PMC or Scav. I understand the intention but i feel like i'm being punished because of cheaters … and in some cases the amount i could lose from it is brutal. I wish i was good enough to even be considered a cheat, but i think my survival rate is less than 20%, so i definitely suck.

As a partial solution, I made this batch script and replaced my launcher shortcut to call it. It detects one of the docker processes and gets me to close it down cleanly before starting the launcher. I'd love to automatically close it, but docker is kinda complex so best i do it the proper way. "com.docker.backend.exe" with another name, you can use that to detect any program you accidentally leave running, for anyone with a similar issue.

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At least with this, people experiencing this should be able to work around it. BSGLauncher.bat:

echo off tasklist /fi "imagename eq com.docker.backend.exe" |find ":" > nul if errorlevel 1 ( echo Close Docker Dumbass! PAUSE ) ELSE ( START "" "D:Battlestate GamesBsgLauncherBsgLauncher.exe" -wo "D:Battlestate GamesBsgLauncher" ) exit 

Again, i understand the intention, and i understand why its not allowed. But telling people 10-15 minutes into a raid really punishes fair players and thats a very horrible feeling. The only gain i can see from this is that it currently slows down cheat developers by 15 minutes a time. However, it still feels super bad if you aren't doing that and die mid raid to this.

Edit: repositing due to the bot doing bot things and deleting the original post for no reason.

Edit 2: I want to clarify, i'm not saying all of the "cheat disconnection" functionality should happen at the start. Just the ones that could be used by legit people who might get caught up in it accidentally.


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