Escape from Tarkov

Quest Burnout – thoughts on giving up on tasks?

Little bit of venting ahead –

Currently grinding setup at night with a silenced mp to knock out three quests in a row. Trying to be efficient but all it has done is burn me out.

This is my first time playing since wipe day (been playing since it was only factory) and I was excited everyday to play and grind quests until now.

I get three raids at most in and I rage quit. I am about half way done but I hate playing with an ushanka and 24 ergo shotgun raid after raid.

I think last wipe I quit on this quest or one of the blueberry ones. Quests like these make me not want to even launch the game and eventually I stop playing all together.

It has happened everytime I get into Tarkov, I want to do the quests and progress the storyline but at a certain point it burns me out and I uninstall the game and move on.

I have a max level hideout and am lvl 43 with 6mil sitting around, I started the skier questline late due to flashdrive RNG. I love the game but going in to raid after raid for the past week with a gimped gun and ushanka is just not fun at all.

In my free time I watch streams over going into raids and often launch the game to do hideout stuff and then quit without even doing a raid.

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Before this quest I was going out kitted and enjoying relying on armor and having tense pvp, now everything coming at me kills me (i still use class 4 armor but the lack of visor and helmet is hurting) and I need to use up to 12 shells to take down an opponent unless I can land a good headshot or consistent torso shots which rarely happens (ap20 btw).

As a solo now (since my friends are on servers above 150 ping for me) I can consistently take one member out but usually end up third partied or pushed by their teammate, die and try again.

Tarkov Background: I have around 500 hours in this game (almost all of it solo besides two friends I brought in this wipe and can no longer play with) and thousands of hours in other FPS games such as CS:GO, Rust, Squad, HL2, etc, so my aim is not bad and my playstyle is normally very aggressive but even when I am playing as slow as can be its just boring and unsatisfying gameplay. My K/D all wipe with PMCs is around 2-3 and a 50% survival rating. I guess I am a veteran but normally quit playing everytime due to quest burnout like this.

I like the idea of the quest challenge as it forces you to go out into a brutal PvP arena gimped as hell but in reality it is tedious and frustrating.


I think for now I am putting quests on the back burner and going to go out with whatever the fuck I want to again instead.

Fuck your quests BSG

Anyone else at this stage in the wipe?

Some suggestions: daily, weekly, monthly quests to change up the monotony, more quests that require an altyn or some shit thats actually helpful to surviving the raid instead of gimping you, an end game besides stacking cash and farming bitcoins.



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