Escape from Tarkov

Raids are just a race

Today I realized what bothers me most about this game in its current state, and don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the game. I’d say I’m an advanced beginner, still learning a lot about the game and progressing much slower then others due to time and the my play style.

Anyway, I’ve been mostly raiding shoreline because I’m able to hit the secret stashed quite comfortably and make money that way. Recently though, I acquired the necessary keys for resort and I’ve been trying to play a bit more like streamers and giga chads. I gear up and rush into the resort to challenge other players and work on my pvp.

Today I was the first to make it into the west wing of resort and I quickly checked tape and then ducked into a room as a giga chad approached. I could hear how kitted up he was breathing through his helmet as I sat there terrified to make a noise and he pre naded literally every room in existence and somehow didn’t made the room I was in. I wanted to time it right to rush him in the hallway but I never got the balls to move because from my experience even making slight sounds in this game people pinpoint your position precisely and I wasn’t sure if my ammo was going to kill him tbh so I hesitated. He ends up running off and I wait like a minute and follow him.

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This is when I realized this game is just a race. I was maybe 30 seconds behinds this guy and he was gone. Not only was he gone, but like a whirlwind he looted the entirety of the resort in his path. Every single room I had a key for was already opened and looted. I was left with nothing.

Now, clearly I should have challenged him in the hall and then all that loot maybe would have been mine. My gripe though is that this probably happens literally every game and vet players rush the loot spots in a matter of minutes and just leave the raid.

I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, or what could possibly be done to prevent that but it just seems a bit stupid that raids boil down to who can get somewhere the fastest especially when you have different spawn advantages and also game experience.

I don’t think long term the game should be about racing to loot spawns. What do you guys think and am I just a dumb noob. I can accept that.


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