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Realistic Ammunition Crafting

It seems very odd and out of place that we have crafting of ammunition (especially military grade) out of what amounts to random junk.

I've tried to search and it appears no one else has suggested this. Now I'll preface this with I am not asking for an extremely realistic and detailed mechanic here, what I am suggesting is a few additions and modifications to the loot table.


Level 3 Workbench addon: Ammo Press

After unlocking the level 3 workbench you should then have the ability to unlock the Ammo Press much in the same way the Level 3 Water Collector allows you to unlock the Booze Generator or the Level 3 Intelligence Center allows for the unlocking of the Bitcoin Farm.

Once the Ammo Press has been unlocked then all of the ammo crafting would be located in this crafting menu, this would also have the benefit of removing the ammo crafting from the increasingly laggy workbench crafting menu.

Now how would the crafting work?

For anyone not familiar with pressing your own ammo, the process involves a few parts.

The Primer

This is the 'bang button' of the bullet, the primer is responsible for igniting the gunpowder in the bullet casing. My suggestion would be to actually introduce the primers in the same fashion as the current gun powder selections. These could be introduced into the loot table as:

  • Box of Pistol Primers (Blue/Green/Red)
  • Box of Small Rifle Primers (Blue/Green/Red)
  • Box of Large Rifle Primers (Blue/Green/Red)
  • Box of Shotgun Primers 12/10ga (Blue/Green/Red)
  • Box of Shotgun Primers 20ga (Blue/Green/Red)
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These should be lootable in all places where you'd expect to loot ammo currently, or purchasable from vendors.

The Casing

Casing, shell, brass, these guys have a few different names depending on who you ask and where they are from. Now I am not suggesting that BSG allow us to scavenge spent brass from the floors of Interchange with a broom and dustpan.

These again could be looted loose or in boxes from the same containers that you would typically expect to find ammo currently.

Because these can host any projectile of the same caliber these would only have to be introduced as their base sizes.

5.56×45, 7.62×39, ect.


No change here we already have our three grades of gunpowder in the game. I am just proposing a new way to use them.


This is the part of the bullet that lays waste to scavs, or the business end of the round. Again these could be added to the loot tables to be found in much the same way we currently find ammunition.

Obviously the M995, 7n31, BP, AP variants should be more rare than more 'civilian' variants like PS, PP, US, ect. Like the rest of the items needed to press a bullet these can be found in raid in various quantities and purchased from vendors.

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Pressing the Rounds

This could simply function under the Ammo Press addon as the current recipie system already does. For example:

Primer Casing Powder Bullet Result
Hawk (Red) x 200 7.62×39 x 200 Hawk (Red) x 2 7.62×39 BP x 200 200 Rounds of 7.62×39 BP
Kite (Blue) x 200 9×19 x 200 Kite (Blue) x 1 9×19 PSO Gzh x 200 200 Rounds of 9×19 PSO gzh
Kite (Blue) x 200 9×19 x 200 Eagle (Green) x 1 9×19 GT x 200 200 Rounds of 9×19 GT
Eagle (Green) 5.45×39 x 200 Eagle (Green) x 2 5.45×39 PP x 200 200 Rounds of 5.45×39 PP

These are only a few examples but I hope it's enough to get my idea across. The end result would hopefully be to help make the 'rare' rounds such as M995 and 7n31 rounds actually be rare and to give players a 'realistic' way to produce ammo that fits with the lore of Tarkov.


Anyways if you read all the way to the end, thanks. I'd love for this to get some traction and see it added to the game as I don't think it would be very difficult to add in given that its base functions already exist in game.


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