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Recoil hand-holding needs to go.

Content of the article: "Recoil hand-holding needs to go."

This kind off goes also as a response to the current issues with "late wipe is unfair for new players" and "playing longer then someone else should not make you harder to kill".

I mean, Tarkov is all about getting an edge over somebody. Is it a gun? a better armor and helmet? Better attachments, better position, better bullets etc. You stack the tower as high as possible, and as long as you are above, you will be fine.

But there is "Rrcoil control skill" together with weapon class skills. This is something that is only obtained by grind. And the higher the grind, the bigger the gap. I know we sort off are playing an "RPG" shooter. But this is something, that should just not exist.

The entire recoil stabilization after first few bullets is complete anti-FPS thing, not only does it make some weapons ridiculously easy to shoot, but also entirely kills any single fire or burst weapons. Then you stack the rubles for best attachments, add all the skill levels, and suddenly you have a laser, while somebody else holding the same gun somehow has more recoil.

This is not only to increase the skill gap, but also increase the length of fights, fix the single fire / burst fire, reduce the gap between new and already long playing players, and maybe even with some additional attachment adjusting to add specific stats for horizontal recoil/vertical recoil, we would see more variety in the viable attachments.

And by viable attachments, I mean – new way to balance and customize guns. Guns with higher horizontal recoil? Player might want to add attachments to reduce that because he can handle the vertical with his mouse. Too much vertical? Maybe stack the vertical recoil and take closer engagements because you know your gun is going to jump a lot. Or it is a single fire gun and you will correct it yourself. Maybe you want fast ADS and you can handle the gun? Go all the ergo.

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I mean, increased skill ceiling, reduced level/gear gap and increased gear variety? I would fucking love that.


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