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Redo military/weapon spawns so there’s more variance and a greater incentive to hit them

Content of the article: "Redo military/weapon spawns so there’s more variance and a greater incentive to hit them"

Alright. So here's my problem with places like KIBA, the AK rooms on Reserve and Military CP on Customs, hell, even the gun safes on Shoreline and Reserve.

The loot pools for full weapon spawns are absolutely tiny compared to what's in the game currently and what will come next. Seriously, you're telling me the Russian military only uses AK-74Ns and AKS-74Us? So many options. We have the modernised AKs, an RPK (doesn't even have to be the current -16, could be an oldschool 7.62 or RPK-74 that's meant to come Soon™), SVDs, SV-98s, Orsis, Saiga-12s, hell, even shitty SMGs like Kedrs or the odd Vityaz could work.

KIBA. Oh, sweet KIBA. For all the currently existing 'official' weapon presets we have in the game, and the logic of it possibly having random civvie or import guns, we see barely anything spawn on the shelves. AK-105s, AK-74Ns, maybe a SOPMOD II M4A1 if you're lucky. Then an RSASS or a VSS if you hit the lottery. Boring, boring boring. Make it legitimately exciting to pull the power switch, fight players and/or Killa and then head inside. Chuck in some modded guns that people aren't too likely to use otherwise. Decked M700s, the 5.56 AKs, MP5s (maybe add the SP5 so it might make a little more sense to spawn), some random kitted M9s or P226s, anything to spice it up even more. Hell, throw one of the thermal setups in as a 1/250 or 1/500 in. The slight chance of a FLIR on a SR-25 could encourage more people to engage here again.

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Military CP and the gun safes could use… something. No-one ever checks these, and it makes sense why. Maybe some more reliable shitty gun spawns, or NATO guns when the UNTAR faction comes in for CP so they're actually worth getting keys for, even if it's just early game. VPO-215s, Vepr KMs or Saigas with some cheapo optics, could be fun to find these when people are running mainly just SKSes and Mosins.

Like, fuck, weapons should be a #1 priority for players, and fun to get a nice haul of 'em from a risky spot, but instead it's like "Alright, cool, 20 mins left in the raid, we might as well hit KIBA on the way to Saferoom and get disappointed by 3 TOZ stocks and a Holosun LS321." C'mon, man. No fun in it.


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