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Retrying roughly 6 months later. WorrunTV is cheating on his livestream.

Content of the article: "Retrying roughly 6 months later. WorrunTV is cheating on his livestream."

Clip #1: Worrun aimbots a player before he's even visible and stops firing as soon as he dies. Timestamp: 0:00

Clip #2: Worrun playing MW. He aimlocks into a building and says" What is my gun doing" which obviously makes no sense. Timestamp : 0:41

Clip #3: Worrun rushes up a stair case and hits his aim key. He then proceeds to fire 3 rounds into a wall like any other skilled player would. The reason for this is that a player was extracting in Office. Evidence that supports this is when the scav is breaking into the room due to his aggro to the player Worrun locked on to. Timestamp: 0:47

Clip #4: Old clip that everyone has seen. I just think it's worth having in the video. Timestamp 1:21

I read that you are allowed to make posts about prominent figures in the community even if it's criticism. The first clip took place roughly 2 months ago. The oldest clip being the sniping bush incident.

I am not doing this over a vendetta, or anything ridiculous. From what I've observed Worrun is using cheats publicly on his livestream while he makes money off of unsuspecting viewers who think he is a good player. In my opinion this is unethical. I'm not calling for a ban and I'm in no position to be demanding anything. I'm simply spreading awareness.

EDIT: Here is a clip of Worrun talking and lying about his ESEA ban:

If you haven't seen it already someone made an excellent video going even deeper into Worruns 3v1's dissecting fights and showcasing strange movements in his aim. You have to turn on captions though he speaks russian.

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