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[Satire] The end of RMT patch notes!

Content of the article: "[Satire] The end of RMT patch notes!"

We are happy to present our final push against RMT. In todays update we will finally end the hacker problem in Escape from Tarkov so they leave you alone to have fun playing our game again!

PMC Inventory Changes:

New max carry limits for certaint, possibly RMT related, items!

  • Max of 90 bullets of any given ammo type (Mags Count)

  • Max of 1 Drink, 1 Food or 1 Hybrid (Example: Milk)

  • Max of 2 Grenades

  • Max of 2 weapons

  • Equipping a RR will now permanently make it your meele weapon and can not be taken out of slot ever again.

  • Max of 2 Medkits, 2 Painkillers and 1 Surgical Item

  • Max of 1 key of any given type and a total Key max of 10 different ones.

  • All backpacks bigger than Scav & Day backpacks have been removed

  • Max of 1 armor item (Armored rigs count)

Loot changes:

  • All marked rooms have been removed, they are now normal rooms.

  • Same goes for rooms along the lines of Ultra Medical ect.

  • Only 1 items per type will spawn per map (Aka, there is only going be a max of 1 Bolt on any given map)

  • Scavs now only spawn with pistols

  • Scav bosses and guards are now unlootable

Barter, Quest and Dealer changes :

Obviously we still want you to be able to aquire loot, so here are some examples of our newly added content to help you with this.

  • Barters now require FiR Status, so do all quests.

  • A complete overhaul of quests. Quests rewards have now been changed to barter items for the most parts. For example! "Shooter born in heaven" will now reward 10 packs of screws!

  • We added new barter trades to Jaeger, and jaeger only. Making sure you can still require important cases for stash managment. For example! Our new barter trade for S I C C Case requires: 15x LEDx, 44x MRE, 2500x Rounds of Igolnik, 3x Pestily's Mask

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Scav Run Changes:

  • Scav runs might be used to acquire potential "free" items. With this in mind we have now removed the ability to play as Scav all together.

A final word of thanks

Now that we have finally beaten RMT in Tarkov we can play in peace again! Thanks for all the support, to many more years!


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