Escape from Tarkov

Sharptooth Very Disrespectful Streamer (As Well as Sherpa QueenFPS)

So instead of these 2 players, one being a Sherpa, taking their loss like adults, they proceed to slander my name and just call me a hacker. Its straight up disrespectful to me and as well gives the community a bad name. "Someone killed me, they must be cheating" is becoming the new meta, fast, which will make new players not want to come.

I killed Sharp and his duo QueenFPS in 2 honest exchanges. Queen being the first I killed, she went instantly to calling me a cheater. Didn't try to assess the situation at all. Someone who is a Sherpa should be looking at what they did wrong/right and what they could have done to prevent death. To instantly call hacks shows a huge level of immaturity and lack of understanding how the game works, which are traits that a Sherpa should have, that Queen is lacking.

Sharptooth is a whole different story. Going off the preemptive assumption that I was a hacker, he is already going into the fight with negative vibes. This clip here is what he thinks a hacker looks like. In the clip, you can see us make eye contact as I'm crossing to the right. Instead of repeeking, I continued to the right and used the pillar he was laying behind to hide myself as I pushed him. Instead of him moving positions, he stays laying down, I have all the info I need to know that if I throw a nade at him he wont be able to move fast enough to avoid it and I will win the fight.

He instantly calls me a cheater. If you continue to watch his vod, he talks about since I'm EOD I'm buying expensive hacks and that I'll be banned soon enough. I later went into his stream (before knowing anything) to ask him if I had killed him. He then tells me I'm a sus player, tries to lie about what actually happened in raid, and pretty much just talks down to me the entire time I was in his stream. I was being nice to him the second I entered his stream. That was not what I received in return.

Players like these, these are the type of players that need to be banned. They plague the game with THEIR agenda and give false information to make good players look bad. Its not fair and it should not go unnoticed.


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