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Shoreline – Unlikely Allies

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Two of my friends and I went hunting for scav boss on shoreline. We rock up to the pier and kill both him and his minions. As we begin looting a sniper in the distance starts firing upon us. We take cover and hide in the large office on the pier.

We wait for several minutes and then I hear running on the road to pier. The sniper fire rings out and the guy running on the road to pier takes cover between the building we’re in and the fence. He begins healing. I move, planning on throwing a grenade at him when he starts yelling “Friendly! Cease fire!”

I hesitate, then respond with “FF! Friendly!” We continue yelling such things at each other. My one friend says ‘we should kill him, it’s too risky’, I understand the risks and as he walks into the office building I have a direct line of fire on his head through the front room window… but I don’t shoot. I let him pass and he walks in the front door.

My friends are freaking out, telling me to put him down. I close the door to the room and continue yelling “Friendly!” and other such lines. I hear him continue healing and yelling back at me. After he finishes healing he yells “I’m going out!” as he runs out the front door to charge at the sniper.

He gets about 30ft before I hear sniper fire again and the sounds of pain as he gets shot. He then runs straight back into the office yelling “Cease fire!” and starts healing up again. This time I open the door of the room and look him dead in the eyes. He’s healing again. I wiggle, then walk up and drop an IFAK at his feet. He drops a wooden horse to me as compensation. He keeps healing and when he’s done drops the IFAK back to me, to which I give him back the horse.

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We shake our heads at each other, nodding. He runs straight at the sniper again, as he charges I hear sniper fire again. This time I run behind him after a short delay, hiding behind the dumpster at the entrance to pier and look for the sniper in an attempt to help my new ally. The sniper goes to shoot me instead of my friend; I run back to the office building.

I don’t hear shooting for a bit and then I hear an AK firing where I assume the sniper was. My new friend had an AK. Realization kicks in. My two other friends I spawned with and I run toward to go help him. We find him on the hill beside gas station (towards tunnel). We rock up and clear the area like an elite squad of marines. The new ally who we just met 10 minutes ago guest wires to a bush. He killed the sniper. The mad lad. The absolute chad. He is our hero. We drop him the VSS we got off Sanitar (scav boss) and I drop him a grizzly I picked up off a raider. We part ways after some friendly banter. He toward road to customs, us towards tunnel.

Best raid ever.

TLDR: met random PMC on shoreline after killing Sanitar on pier while we were being bombarded by sniper fire. Gave him meds and he went to kill sniper then have him gun as a reward for actually doing it.


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