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Skifs Gear used in the RAID Series

As in a poll few hours ago, I asked if any one is interested to know which gear is used in the RAID series. I finished the research and I think I got something about 90-95% right. If you find something when I got something wrong I would love to hear it. 🙂 Iam sorry in advance for my english.

We will start with the basic clothing and protection gear worn by Skif. Because of the gear i cant guarantee that every thing is correct in this section. His jacket is a Pentagon Artaxes Softshell or an Helikon Trooper Softshell jacket. I would lean more to the Helikon Trooper, due to the design of the zippers and the placing of the stiching. Anyways the colouring is obviously black. His Pants are after my inspection ANA Tactical "M2" trousers in A Tacs FG. But I cant get a clean view on it, so my best guess is from the beginning of episode 2. His boots are hiking boots, probably Han Wang Banks GTX in brown. They are covered by gaiters where my best guess is Tatonka 420 HD or original russian SSO/SPOSN gaiters in some olive green. In addition to that Skif wears some kind of kneepads. I would identify them as Splav "Tac" knee pads in coyote, but I could only find them in olive green. He also wears a wrist watch but I could not identify that watch aswell as his gloves, if you know something comment please. His Headgear consists of a BEAR Cap and a 5.11 Fleece Wat Cap, both in olive green.

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Basic clothing and protection gear

In this section we will first inspect plate carrier and the gear he wears on it. Then we take a look at the warbelt. Here Iam much more sure about the stuff used. So lets start of. The plate carrier is a ANA Tactical "M2" in A TACS FG. The "M2" has an internal magazine compartment inside the front flap and a compartment for pistol magazins or admin stuff inside the upper velcro part. The pouch setup simple. The pouches consists of two mag pouches by ANA Tactical called "AK + Pistol Fast". The colouring on those is A TACS AU, an Wartech Utility Pouch UP-105 in coyote. Further more on his back he wears a Wartech Closed Top Radio Pouch UP-111 in Olive green. I couldnt identfy the radio because its never removed from the pouch. For the PTT (Push to talk) I would say the model he carries is an U-174. I couldnt find a Manufacturer except for Z-Tactical. Connected to the PTT is a Sordin Supreme Pro X headset with a mic. This could be a real one but I doubt it because of the mic. So my guess is, its an Z-Tactical clone or from an other Manufacturer. Anyway it has some type of tape on it and we can see a paintjob has been added, possible Multicam. He also carries a Glock Field Knife FM78 taped to the shoulder straps of the plate carrier.

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Next the warbelt. Skif wears an Wartech "Vector" TV-106 with a molle added wait bag in front. The waist bag is a Wartech "Reaper" UP-117. The Warbelt as well as the waist bag are colored coyote. Now we go from right to left on the warbelt when carrried (Skifs view). On the right side 3'clock he carries a fabric leg holster in possibly black, but I never got a good look at it. On his 6'clock Skif carries a ANA Tactical Rip-Off/Quick Release First Aid Pouch in olive green. Right on the left of it he carries in episode 1. two grenade pouches and in episode 2. one grenade pouch. The grenade pouch is an Wartech GP-101held in olive green, useable for RDG-5's and F1's like in the series. Beneath the grenade pouch Skiff added a Wartech Drop Pouch UP-113 in olive green.

That was it for Skifs gear, if you have questions just comment them. If you want links to the items or have questions about them feel also free to comment. 🙂


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