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So My Escape From Tarkov account Has been hacked

Content of the article: "So My Escape From Tarkov account Has been hacked"

Hi, My name is BabyBearZ21 , I brought Escape From Tarkov like in June 28th ish. I was having fun till one day during the week of august 4th, when i came back from the beach, i got logged out of my account. I tried to sign in again but it didn't work. So i tried to reset my password and when i entered my email so i could be sent an email to reset my password, it said password not found. I was like that's weird so i tried again … but same thing and then i was still logged into the escape from tarkov on the website so i created a support ticket on the website, And compliant saying i cant find my email (which is not going to be included) And then a few days later they said that the current email for MY TARKOV ACCOUNT WAS A .RU EMAIL!! I was like that not my email i don't have an email with a .ru and said i had proof bank statement saying i purchased this game. Do you know what the funny part about this was is that SUPPORT ON THE WEBSITE TOLD ME TO EMAIL SUPPORT WHICH DOESN'T MAKE ANY FRICKING SENSE!!!! so i emailed support saying my account had been hacked and said that i couldnt play since the week of 4th and had sent a picture saying that support on the website said that the curremt email was a .ru and not mines. Then they replied saying they need bank proof saying i owned the game and asked my questions…. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT TOKE THEM 5 DAYS – 6 DAYS TO RESPOND. they said to start working on my problem they need " – Full screen screenshot of pre-order from your payment system or online bank. If the screenshot contains confidential or personal information, please hide it.

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– E-mail address that was initially used for registering this account, and account creation date.

– History of account username changes.

– If the account has access to the game, please provide the playable character name as well."

Which i need and then it toke them A WEEK TO RESPOND!

And said that "

Your account BabyBearZ was blocked for violating USER RIGHTS AND BOUNDS OF USE OF THE GAME of the Licence Agreement.

According to the Licence Agreement the account access to the game and forum has been terminated."

And i was like oh what?? then i replied saying when was this account terminated and what part of user rights crap did that account terminated? Also said i had no access to my account besides on the website! which about 3 days after this reply i might have signed out of tarkov on the website so thats gone. then 4 days after i replied to Battle state support email, they responded back saying

" According to Section 6. Paragraph 6.1.4. of the current Licence Agreement, Battlestate Games Limited has the right:

6.1.4. To restrict or terminate the User’s access to the Game on the conditions hereof, including if the User violates the terms of this Agreement or the Key Documents. In exercising this right, Battlestate Games Limited is not required to provide the User with evidence of the breach by the User of the terms of the Agreement resulting in the User’s access being terminated or restricted.

If you think you were falsely banned, please contact BattlEye support. If they didn't help you and BattlEye left the ban in effect, then this case cannot be reviewed.
In other cases, after contacting BattlEye support, you can contact Escape from Tarkov support with the attached request number and the BattlEye support response itself to the message to consider your appeal further. "

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I was like why are you guys sending me this and reminded them my account had been hacked since the 4th of august.

2 days after that they said contact battle eye which i did and im still waiting on a response from battle eye and also replied to battle state support saying that if my account is still banned because lately battle eye had banned a lot of people due to a problem and un banned the people who didn't do anything wrong! no reply from Battle State support email

Keep u guys updated

This is my first post

Also see image of tarkov support on the website below!

Saying i gotta email support wtf??


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