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Some QOL Suggestions

Content of the article: "Some QOL Suggestions"

Get rid of the health tab in game and just put it to the right in the gear tab, saves a click for lets be honest info that can fit perfectly here and it looks nicer allows you the same process then by healing while looking at your inventory

This one I'm surprised hasn't been added already I feel like it should have been higher on the list, please please please Nikita make the crafts stay in a permanent fixed order, I hate how every time I want to craft a Salewa for example I have to search through the list to see what random order it has this time, its even worse on the workshop where there are 15+ Crafts.

When designing UI your aim should be to have as little clicks as possible, when at this screen when I click an item it should automatically filter by item so we can see the prices in the background. Saves the user 2 unnecessary clicks and everybody I know/watch on twitch has to go back filter by item and then put it up for sale and if it did it automatically it would be so helpful.

(Excuse the smashed visor I just put on insurance so it looked like I was a Chad and had Gear) The shooting range is too dark, it needs about 10 more lights, get rid of all the bullet holes at the back, I use the back wall to test recoil as it is the furthest away and the wall is already destroyed (I find myself shooting into the side of the range where the walls are clean to see recoil) The paper target isn't great either at the back, another metal figure 4 target would be better mounted to the wall here instead

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Some barters that need to be re-imagined, they are pretty much awful since I remember them being introduced, How much AESA's are worth in EFT minds is crazy, every wipe they settle for 500k on the flea, even in the late game! (I purposely left out BTC barters because they have been worth it in the past just at the moment there not)


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