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StonedScav TTV plays with hackers

Content of the article: "StonedScav TTV plays with hackers"

This guy was playing with someone else that just hacking blatantly. Chucking nades on top of bodies. Wouldn't own up to playing with a hacker. His other buddies were even commenting it is weird that his mate says "oh its just odd you see people 300 feet away"

Wish I clipped the other time where the streamer said "He has hacked in tarkov and other games but not sure if he is hacking now"

He decided to time me out for a day because I'm "ruining his brand" and Im just bad at the game.

His pal was blatantly calling out people prone in corners and dropping nades on their heads…

Edit: couldn't get his buddies name to report him because he wouldn't say his name

Edit 2: After posting the clip and his stream, he went muted for 2-3 minutes and deleted the clip of his friends talking about him hacking.

Edit 3: not able to clip his videos anymore, keeps claiming his brand cant get ruined when he is such a small streamer

Edit4: he is currently not playing with the hacker, I believe he went offline but again I do not know the hackers name that he played with. Keeps claiming we are ruining his brand. For some reason he doesnt know how to read and its not that StonedScav is cheating, he is PLAYING with cheaters. Equally as bad when he doesnt own up to it.

edit 5: STONEDSCAV IS NOT A CHEATER. HE PLAYS WITH A CHEATER. Talking on stream that his name is "Chili"

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Edit 6: he banned more people from the chat for talking about cheating.

edit 7: not turning clips back on because of "DMCA and fuck you" – stonedscavttv

edit 8: Apparently I'm crying, but for real this guy has played with a hacker and just won't own up to it and wants to keep his brand real.

edit 9: You daft fucks, Stoned Scav is not hacking, it is this friend that he is naming him "Chili" What about the proned guy in the corner he naded over the wall that was completely AFK?

edit 10: LIES HE WAS COMPLETELY PRONE I'll post a picture

edit 11: Red circled is where the guy was completely AFK prone and his friend chili said "hold on there is a guy prone right here" chucked a nade over the wall and killed him

edit 12: im now banned from the stream and he called out to his chat to report this post for "Targetted harassment". Just own up to it that you played with a cheater named "chili" and turn on your clips and let us clip it.

edit 13: that part is correct, chili chucked a nade then went around the corner and gun down the AFK

edit 14: dude do you want me to go in an offline raid and do a play by play?

edit 15: not even mad lmao, I'm fuckin dying

edit 16: welp, I've been called a whiney crybaby and this guy StonedScav is not a hacker but to keep the story straight plays with a hacker named "chili" not sure his exact name on tarkov. He is just banning anyone giving hackusations or talking about this post. I'm so sad and whiney and my post history has video of me dying poorly. Oh well. Have a good night playing with cheaters!

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edit 17: he unbanned me, then banned me and many others from this post


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