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Submission for USEC 4 Southern Voice

Content of the article: "Submission for USEC 4 Southern Voice"

How yall doin
I been doin voice acting for a small time and I always wanted to get into this type of
realistic genre of games as one of the southern voice actors and so far have done freelance work for small time youtube content creators I've absolutely love to get into this game.

I don't have a twitter or I'd try to contact BSG there but some time ago the voice actor for USEC 3 came through this sub reddit and caught attention so I figured I'd do the same. Please forgive me for Mic issues as I'm workin with audacity as my software. Link below to the 30 ish seconds of what I could get in 20 minutes of running it through testing I hope you like it.

I understand this probably won't amount to nothing but I'd give it my all if I do come into contact with the BSG team. I wouldn't even want pay from this, hell the amount of people that would hear me is all I would ever want.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day.

P.s I'd take any criticism good or bad, I want to be better.

Edit: I went to bed and woke up to this, thank you all so much and to those who'd like more lines I can try to get some to you later today after I'm off work. And to those with valid criticisms I am taking it all in dont hold back, I can spend time on those but to everyone who supports me do not mistake me for not seeing you comments or not caring theres just so much and I cant really get to everyone!

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Edit 2: Just got home will be responding much as I can and getting quick lines done when people requested em, gonna be here for a bit getting through 300 comments!

Edit 3: made 3 more quick ones for you guys

Edit 4: still no word yet but I have gathered what everyone said and I'll be back with another post sometime later with better sound quality with adobe audio and have better sound proofing and a concurrent accent. Thank you all su much for the support!


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