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Suggestion: Add Dynamic in-raid events sooner than later

EOD player since beta release here. I've been thinking about why I stopped playing Tarkov after 1 month this wipe, and I think it's the repetitiveness of every raid. They all play out the same, the only difference is where you find players and what gear they/you run. I understand that more maps and gear are in development and this isn't the end state of the game, but I think BSG could add something smaller that would make raids more dynamic and more unique. Adding events like I'm going to describe can, in my opinion, sustain interest for those that are on their 7th wipe of the same task, maps, and gameplay.

One event that I can think of instantly is a heli(either US or Russian) that flies into the map and either lands or crashes somewhere. It can spawn raiders of the faction and drop some valuable cargo/loot. A Big smoke cloud could signal where it is for all players to recognize it and either go for the loot/PVP or stay away.

Another event idea could be a special extraction. Let's say players all hear over their radios that a scav is offering a special extraction for the first person/team that gets there. Maybe he wants something in return, maybe he offers you some loot or special barters ;), or maybe he doesn't want anything. Either way, it would be a dynamic extraction event that would change the flow of the raid.

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Side notes: I think the events should have a set chance of happening every raid(they shouldn't always happen cause that can get repetitive very easily). There would also be some variability in where the events happen within the map(multiple event locations so that when something does happen, it's not the same every time). I think dynamic events like these would change the flow of the raids they happened in and make them more interesting, unique, and memorable.

I have never heard anyone mention these kinds of events, which is why I am now, but I could be wrong. If BSG does plan to integrate these into the game(which I wouldn't be surprised if they were), I want to argue for them to be designed and implemented ASAP. I think this can be a very good thing to sustain people's interest while maps and the game itself are being developed. Let me know what yall think about this idea and thanks for reading to the end.

P.S. I don't want to argue about the state of the game if I don't have to cause that's a can of worms for another day. I want to talk to people about this idea of a dynamic event specifically, is possible.

Edit: Someone told me that Nikita said that lore-wise, Tarkov is a no-fly zone. If this is true then other event ideas would have to be thought up, although I think helicopter-themed ones would be the best for Tarkov. Just imagine the sound of it off in the distance….

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