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Suggestions for Interchange

After investing 7500h into the game I have to say Interchange is one of the most immersive, detailed, scary, atmospheric, unpredictable, unique map I've seen. Solo or team play, either way is very good, team play is very hard no matter the skill but the comms and call outs are super important, the map is very suitable for flanks, short medium or long range fights, pvp is very rewarding when you do things right with a team or solo. Loot is also great, I always thought Interchange is a gold mine, from quest items to hideout requirements you can find so many various loot types. For lone wolves or lone looters its a suitable map too where you can avoid players and still loot and get out without hurting anyone unless you need to, or if you want to fo straight down for a fight there are suitable hot spots for this obviously comes with risks.

After a few thousand of hours Interchange experience I would like to share my suggestions ;

A set time for Interchange like factory, as an example, 11:00 Day time raid / 23:00 Night time raid, Why ? 11:00 day time raid : Keep everything the same as it is now including the power the switch etc. 00:00 Night time raid : Make a few changes here such as ; take off 50% of the lights overall, keep the rest here & there but not many big lights. When Power comes on from whatever it is now reduce the lights 50% or more, something close to a pitch dark Interchange only with a few lights on. Keep the loot buffed at Night raids so players will have a reason to go at night, forcing players to use flashlights, nvg's or NV scopes, thermal scopes. Imagine this at the beginning of a wipe where there is no nvg's available, players roaming around either with a flashlight or without a light source in pitch dark, mid wipe players can go around with different nvg's or nv scopes but there will be a counter strike option as well such as turning the power on and using flashlight against them. Currently the map at night or day doesnt really make a huge difference once you are inside and the above will add a lot of dynamism to the play style.

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Kiba Gun Store, I heard before(official or not) that opening Kiba will force Killa to spawn etc which sounds good, it can also spawn raiders inside Kiba, whoever opens the door would have to fight the a bunch of raiders ie. 3 raiders for example, raiders can roam free inside Kiba even when the door is locked or spawned outside Kiba as soon as the door is opened approaching/rushing to Kiba from Brutal, Mantis, Adik, Generic, German etc.

Graphic Cards. So GPU's are effecting the pace of the gameplay at Interchange thanks to the inflated economy a few weeks back which makes GPU's one of the most valuable loot item, where players rush in to Techlight, Texho, Rasmussen, German, Emercom medical unit, TTS etc with hatchet or fully loaded sweep everything up, pvp if needed and leave the raid within 10-15 min go back to base and rinse repeat. If the power is on players will use the exfil room and get out, others with no backpack exfil, the rest will be out from railway or emercom exfil. Once the remaining time shows around 35 minutes left there arent many players left on the map, the last 15 minutes scav players will come in to raid and quick run / deathmatch scav vs scav, grab some loot and run out. What I have just mentioned above regards with the pace of gameplay at Interchange happened a lot after the GPU's have been removed from PC cases. The problem here is everyone rushing the specific locations I mentioned above, even if the GPU's were still kept at the PC cases there are a lot of offices spread out by Goshan, Oli so players used to spread out check many places, this is not happening anymore as it used to be, the whole raid is usually over within 15minutes. Also devs can add 1 PC case to each shop at Interchange, I think there are 65 shops at Interchange upstairs and downstairs, even add pc cases to half of the shops, push the players in to these shops some of them have wooden floors, let them step on wood to reach the pc case giving away sound is an alarm bell for nearby players. There are a lot of shops where players will never get into. Its all about spreading the players around, you guys have the environment ready for that just alter a few things and it can massivly impact on gameplay & pace. GPU's back in to PC cases is very important imo. The last few months pvp at Interchange just was around tech stores and a few shops, thats it, the whole pace and understanding was pushing the players into those shops as well even the ones who were not really want to rush these tech stores, but they had to as they know they wont find any other players around the other parts of the map.

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As mentioned before Interchange is such an awesome, immersive detailed multiplayer map where even AAA Game development companies cant even get close to this, so why not make it better.

Keep up the good work, I know you guys being busy with a lot of stuff etc but these are just my humble opinions & suggestions.


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