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Tarkov is a good game to identify the wrong people in your life

Content of the article: "Tarkov is a good game to identify the wrong people in your life"

Tarkov is … Among Us on cocaine!

Im serious on this. I had several mates, one real life friend and several online mates over the years which i played videogames with. CSGO, PUBG whatever you know it. There were some tiny fights about 4 to 8x scopes in PUBG but that was it. We all got along well – until we played tarkov.

Some of them were stealing gear, scamming their friends "yes i got your stuff mate" and putting it into their own pockets while betraying their mates – i think tarkov brings out the worst in certain personalities and they fail the psychological test that this is just one thing: a video game. The whole fear catering atmosphere of this game drives their mind into a state of a monkey that only sees the gold.

There was also one guy that was snacking all sorts of expensive loot like bitcoins etc. and everytime he would get something it was super obvious because he wanted to "extract now" and sounded really nervous. I found it super funny that he really thought it would not be obvious.

"So you want to extract out of the sudden after we were in this location with all kinds of spicy loot but you got nothing in your pocket? Interesting."

"No, i just want to extract really quickly, trust me!" (he was the impostor!)

And even a wipe doesn't change anything. You didn't learn the lesson that tarkov teaches you.

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It's like they lose the ability to think clearly when they see something like a GPU or a bitcoin. It says a lot about human nature and why greed almost never pays off.

They also forget that nothing what you ever get in this game will be worth anything and so the structure of this game quickly identifies the kind of people i really dont like to have in my life. Ive seen discords where everyone hangs in a channel but none of these people play together, they all do their own tasks for maximum loot. It's laughable how foolish that is. Imagine 5 people jerking off to their experiences but they are unable to play together because they all "need to grind their own tasks".

Personally im more of a giver and i dont mind to lose my gear because i understand how the game works. Everytime i get broke i manage to find a way back. After bad days in this game, there are good ones.

I also tend to drop a lot of guns or other things for friends and i prefer budget loadouts that are "good enough" to get the job done because most of the time one bullet is enough if you play slowly.

But i will say it was a learning process, but no one told me that. For me its kind of philosophical that tarkov brings out the worst greed and betrayal in some people – even if its just a game, i think this game does it really well. In "WoW" for example most of that is taken care of by the game itself.

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I think you've seen this aswell. Brilliant. It's in my opinion also the biggest driver why this game feels so good, so rewarding and works so well. It hacks it's way into your psyche and only the aware people see what this game is really about.

Can you conquer your fears and your greed?


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