Escape from Tarkov 1

Tarkov is in a really bad spot right now

  • Hackers + RMT making Labs basically unplayable
  • Some ammo is now doing double damage
  • High tier gear is useless against somebody with a 40,000 rouble gun with rounds that cost 123 roubles. (Mosin)
  • Late game quests force you to use low tier gear, contrary to the fact that you've just unlocked the high tier gear. This puts you at a huge disadvantage and makes the game not fun.
  • And now the final kick in the nuts with the Private Clinic reward change.

As somebody who has played your game for 2 years, I'm extremely disappointed with how things are right now. This game is being driven into the ground, and I know a lot of people are going to give me shit for saying that. But from what I can see, it's true. I was already kind of disappointed with how this wipe had been going, but the final straw was changing the THICC case reward. It's just plain wrong. I had spent 4 million roubles on keys that I can't sell back (thanks to the new FIR flea market). I spent three days farming LEDXs just to finally find ONE tonight! It's now useless because not even one LEDX is worth an items case. And I can't even sell the LEDX since I died before extracting with it.

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Edit: Guys for Christ’s sake keep it civil. This subreddit is so toxic and prone to angry arguing, but just try and state an opinion before attacking somebody else.

Edit 2: And I would like to point out that some of these issues HAVE been in the game for longer than this wipe. But that doesn’t mean we can just ignore them, they are still critical flaws that need to be addressed. Combined with the current issues, it just feels like a lot is going south.

Edit 3: Just to be clear in case any of the devs happen to see this post, I absolutely love this game and you’ve built something you should really be proud of. We all appreciate your hard work. But it’s frustrating watching a game I enjoy start to take a bad turn.


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    Jan 02, 2021 9:01 am

    It hasn’t gotten better, stop supporting this company.
    Cheaters are still out of control
    Forum admins will ban any one that gives feed back they dont want to read
    Support is useless

    Over all its been the biggest disappointment of 2020

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