Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov is in the best state I have ever seen it, and I think the devs should allow themselves a vacation.

You heard me. I’ve been around for a couple years now, and I really like what they’ve done with the place. Game has had severe issues in the past, but a lot of the worst of it is behind us. These recent outbursts from our community are wearing on BSG as many have stated.

Think about how bad the net code used to be versus how it is now. There’s been massive improvement there.

Remember when hatchlings were a severe issue? Utterly neutered by the new FIR system & the flea’s interaction with that. I hardly ever see those guys anymore.

Remember when there weren’t med animations, so you could go Rambo while healing yourself and sprinting around like a bongo-boy maniac? Not a thing anymore.

They have made tremendous progress in this game, and I absolutely love where it is at. I love the direction it’s headed in.

My worst and only fear is that the incredibly stressful development process will wear down our beloved devs & drive them away. These guys are really creating something beautiful here, something I want to see go on forever. This game provides a unique experience for which I can find no substitute.

Yes, we all know there are things to fix, things to polish, things to change. Game is in development. We all knew what we were signing up for. I trust these devs. They seem to genuinely care about their game. The game needs to start caring about them. We must not push these people to their breaking point. I want this game to keep growing. Give ‘em a vacation.

Read more:  BSG, from a very senior player, please consider consulting your player base before MAJOR quest, or gameplay changes.

Maybe the timelines will shift. Maybe things won’t be done on time, and the roadmap won’t work right. I’m okay with that. I will wait. I think the long-term solution for this game to continue its climb into greatness is for BSG to take a load off and maybe take a little vacay. Think about how far you’ve come and know that you’ve earned it. Go find a beach or a gun range somewhere and leave your phone at home, cepka

What do y’all think?


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