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“Tarkov is not supposed to be a fun game”

Content of the article: "“Tarkov is not supposed to be a fun game”"

I want to talk about this quote… It's kind of famous here in the community. Most people took this as a joke due to how hard Tarkov is. However I think we are all slowly coming to the realization that Nikita was dead serious when he said this. All of the changes made in Tarkov for the past 6 months have been done for the sole purpose of making the game less fun. The secure container change, the FiR change, the weight change, all of these systems have been changed just to make the game harder for the player.

Nikita…. people play video games for some sort of reward. For competitive games that is often the rank you get like in CS:GO and League of Legends. For others it is the fun, engaging, and rock solid core gameplay like TF2 and World of Warcraft that can keep a game around for ages. If you mess with that system too much then the very reason to even play the game will become more transparent.

Tarkov a year ago was described as a very high risk and high reward game. Where you're punished greatly and rewarded greatly. Now it has devolved into a high risk low reward game. You want to PvP and take some good gear off players? That good condition fort armor? That weighs way too much for you to carry. If you really want it then have fun hiding in a bush for half an hour to extract right before the raid ends. Do you want to run to high loot areas for a surge in money? Well if you die with anything in your secure container you're not making jack shit for money. What's that? You're just getting menial items for quests to put in your secure? Well fuck you too!

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What I am saying here is that you have effectively killed this game's reward system with targeted changes entirely due to live up to this quote. And what I find so funny is that you prioritize this over all else it seems. Servers still have horrible de-sync and packet loss. People are still spawning right next to each other and dying before they can even play the game, the quests are still incredibly soul-crushing and absolutely retarded at their core, and your progression system is still complete dogshit. To level up strength people are chucking 10 or so stun grenades over the map and it doesn't seem like you think this is a problem at all. It's unfun and tedious so it fits right into Tarkov.

You have pretty much killed the reward system in this game in your unending goal to try to make this game as unfun as possible… Why? Why is this such a high priority for you and your team? There are countless serious problems with this game that have not been addressed and you completely ignore them over this philosophy.

To top it all off you constantly openly say that your team is tired of working on this game and want to move on to Russia 2028. In all honesty, just do it. Seriously, don't finish this game. In the direction you're heading I don't want to see this game "finished". Your attitude to just leave the game if we don't like what you do combined with the hardcore players here who support this mentality greatly concerns me to the point I don't want to see what this game looks like a year from now.

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I have already quit the game and most people I know have done so also. And from your recent actions I suspect even more people are going to follow suit. The game at it's core is just boring and unfulfilling. And the fact you think that's a good thing just absolutely blows me away.


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