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Tarkov-market’s author has copied my site as a paid feature

Hi All!

I'm the developer behind – for the past year I've been working slowly in my free time to build up and maintain the site to help people track and plan their Tarkov progress faster. My goal was originally to solve a problem I had: when playing with my friends we'd spend a lot of time between raids just figuring out what we both needed next and how to progress faster together. It evolved into a free site, no ads, no subscription, just a hobby project to try and share the tools with everyone. I had a Patreon site for those who really wished to help me with the base costs of creating and running the site, but provided no benefit to them.

A few days ago, I had the idea: What if I allow people to enter their API keys from Tarkov-Market to pull data about item's value and help them choose to keep an item for a quest turn in, or sell, especially near the start of a wipe when prices often start high then get lower in a few weeks. So I hopped over to of which I am a Patreon supporter myself, only to discover a couple new links had been added in the past week. Quest progression and hideout progression. Those sounded a lot like what I was doing. Lo and behold, the features are near identical copies of my free site. Not only are they copies, but they are copies behind a subscription.

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Here's some comparisons:

One of the quest pages I designed and created, showing quests, how many quests it was locked behind, how many locked after it, the maps it encompassed

Tarkov-market copy of my quest page, with almost exactly the same information (they added icons) laid out in almost an exact copy

The hideout module tracker I designed and created on tarkovtracker

Tarkov-market copy of my hideout tracker

The needed items page I designed and created to help you figure out how far away FIR items were from turnins

The Tarkov-market copy of my page copying the same ideas, requiring a $5 subscription to even see the full list

This isn't a plea from me for anyone to become a Patreon subscriber for me – I have a job and this is a passion project for me. Nor is this an attempt to dissuade others from attempting to solve the same problem in better ways. I always was under the realization that BSG could rework tasks in such a way that makes tarkovtracker no longer useful or needed, or someone could come up with a smarter way to track quests in a more intuitive interface. This is me venting frustration that directly copying a free tool as a paid subscription on your site hurts the community in general.

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I've certainly been pondering the past couple days as to whether I should even continue working on the site knowing someone else is going to be taking it for their own profit, rather than giving back to the community. Since the wipe, at least 30,000 of you have used the site to some degree, with at least a few thousand using at least daily for tracking and planning progression. I certainly don't want to make you guys all subscribe to Tarkov-Market, but its also mentally defeating to think that someone has copied my work, may continue to copy my work, and is earning a full time engineer's salary doing it with his enormous Patreon userbase.

TL;DR Please don't take community projects and copy them as a subscription service


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