Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov really does turn men evil and evil men into monsters.

I remember there was a video on YouTube that said something along the lines of "Tarkov turns men into evil men and evil men into monsters" and I used to never give those words until yesterday…. Part 1: a journey begins My journey in Tarkov began late last wipe about a week before the wipe when I couldn't play airsoft and decided to try the most similar thing to it I could find online: Tarkov. At first I hoped to be able to frequently find non-aggressive people and play with them and I guess you could say I had pink glasses in regards to the community. Strangely enough this view wasn't broken during my first 10 hours of playing tarkov ( although I did die on my very first raid that was accidentally a night raid because I tried to be friendly ) because while doing the pocket watch challenge I met a Chad PMC who stared at me for 5 seconds, gave me gear, and then led me to an extract. That PMC is likely one if the main reasons why I still like the game even though I was a complete PC gaming noob when I first got it and literally had to look at my keyboard every time I moved. Either way, that wipe I also got my first PMC kill by pretending to be dead and got some excperience with costums and fighting scavs.

Part 2:a new wipe On my second ( this wipe ) the idea that this community is friendly in game was reinforced by the scav karma system but I slowly began to realize the as a PMC I shouldn't wiggle when I see another PMC but instead be prepared to fight at any moment. Later on this wipe I began loosing interest in the game because I kept dying and was didn't playing enough to get good gear. Luckily, I was able to find a couple very nice people on discord who not only taught me how to play better and made me want to play the game again but also made me think that the community is nice and many I should try to be friendly with PMCs sometimes.

Part 3:The journey to evil begins I think that after being able to not always die in combat and sometimes even win fights my journey to becoming what at first I hated about this community ( KOS person ) began. The first event that made me realize that Tarkov is not a place of friendship is when I killed a lv4 in factory as a scav. At first I felt bad and even left some of his gear on his body but later the day I thought about that incident again and realized that I would have gladly shot him even if I knew that he was LV4. The main reason why I came ti this conclusion wasn't because I needed his gear or because I wanted XP but because in Tarkov it is really a either you or me situation and I can't risk being downed. Later that day I killed my first scav as a scav on factory. It was a killer scav, but I had no idea that he was a killer scab before I killed him and worst if all is that I didn't even think about not killing him, I just pressed the trigger. The final step so fair happened yesterday in factory as well when I came across 2 PMCs as a scav with one of the coughing ( from sounds ) and both of them having their backs to me. I decided to be friends with them and at first they seemed friendly but shortly after they sent 2 bullets at my head. After that I was done with being friendly and realized that as a PMC I must kill everything I see in sight unless it's my teammate and as a Scav I just kill anything on sight unless iam sure it is another scav. Conclusion Tarkov slowly transforms your play style and eventually you might become the very thing you once hated.


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