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Tarkov Twitch Chat Bot – Updated w/ Language options

Hey there Tarkov Community!

Last month I posted about the bot in it's very initial stages before I really worked out most of the bugs and some people were having issues with the bot joining, the bot was crashing, and there was only one language option: English. Well, after a few weeks of working on it whenever I could find the time, I have fixed the crashing bug, cleaned up my backend API calls which helped speed up the response of the bot, and added localization for other languages! There are currently over 320 of you folks using it!!

Thanks to both viewers and streamers in the community, I currently have the bot setup with translations for :

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Russian

If you are interested in adding a translation that is not currently available, just head to my Discord and there is a channel with all the things that would need to be translated – I am adding any and all translations submitted!


The bot has very basic and has only one moderation command which you can find below. Currently all commands with Type of cooldown are all under the same cooldown. This means that if any command with Type cooldown is used successfully all other commands with Type of cooldown are under cooldown. Each channel has their own cooldown with a default of 10 seconds.

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Command Type Usage
!astat cooldown Retrieves in-game ammo flesh and penetration values. Ex: !astat 9x19 RIP
!medical cooldown Retrieves medical item use time. Ex: !medical surv
!price cooldown Retrieves flea market price. Ex: !price Slick
!slot cooldown Retrieves price per slot of item based off the flea market. Ex: !slot Slick
!trader cooldown Retrieves best trader to sell to and sell price. Ex: !trader magnet
!wiki cooldown Retrieves EFT Wiki Link of item requested. Ex: !wiki slick
!help information Display this help message.
!eftbot information Display this help message.
!setCD moderator** Sets the cooldown for the bot in seconds.
!setLang moderator** Changes the bot localization for your channel. Options are en , es , de , nl , tr, and ru.

Commands denoted with ** are reserved to "Moderators" and the "Streamer" of the channel the bot is in.

Note – All cooldown commands do not require exact search entries. Some examples can be found below:

  • !astat 995 >> The flesh damage of 5.56x45 M995 is: 40 and the armor penetration is: 53.
  • !astat 545×39 BS >> The flesh damage of 545x39 BS is: 40 and the armor penetration is: 51.
  • !medical surv >> The usage time of Surv12 is: 20 seconds.
  • !price slick >> The price of LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (80/80) is: 390,000 roubles.
  • !slot slick >> The price per slot of LBT 6094A Slick Plate Carrier (80/80) is: 43333 rubles.
  • !trader magnet >> The price of Magnet is: 11,500 roubles from Therapist
  • !wiki slick >> The link to the wiki is
  • !setCD 5 >> Sets the cooldown for the bot to 5 seconds
  • !setLang en >> Sets the bots language to English. Valid codes: en , es , de , nl , tr , ru

Big thanks to both and for access to their API's for my projects and helping me bring this data to the public and put it at their chats fingertips!

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Thanks again for your time and for all those that use it and anybody who starts to use it! Please keep in mind the !price / !slot commands are subject to be off at times as they pull data from tarkov-market which doesn't pull pricing live time. If BSG ever releases API to view flea market prices (which HAHAHAH they won't) then the bot will be updated to that.


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