Escape from Tarkov

Thank you for Comms! (and to the EFT community)

I just wanted to share a quick story since most of the posts in this thread are people bitching about the game being broken, hackers, cheaters, desync, Chad's left and right, etc., etc.

I'm also guilty of this. I made a post a couple weeks ago saying 'Boo Hoo! This game sucks, I put 750 damage into a scav that head/eyes me with first shot! This game sucks!'

I was in the process of quitting nicotine and made a rage post. However, the last two weeks have been the complete opposite for me!

If you are new to EFT, join the official discord ASAP. This is my first wipe and I struggled to run solo missions late wipe and get ANY quests done. I didn't have friends to play with so the game was very frustrating and it would feel like I spent 3 hours just to lose a bunch of gear and get shot in the head from an unknown direction or person, often even by AI scavs. I'll admit, I completely suck and I'm transitioning from consoles to PC so it's my first keyboard and mouse game.

After joining the discord, I have had SO much fun playing this game. I feel like Tarkov has the least toxic player base I have encountered in any game. Since Raids take a while, I end up running with, the same squad for a couple hours vs. Changing lobbies every 15 minutes like in COD. You don't talk shit to the other squad and everyone finds solace in dying together to bullshit causes, I. E. Getting Tarkov'd.

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A lot of high level players still pop into the Beginners Assistance rooms and there is also a separate Sherpa discord specifically for getting help.

This game is hard as fuck and sure it has dev issues still – bit let's be honest. It's the coolest fucking shooter I've ever played and people putting in 5000-10000 hours in game really shows how much people like it.

My player name is adub026 so THANK YOU to anyone who has ran raids with me in the last couple weeks. Fun conversations and solid raids with solid squads has pulled me out of a negative mental health space I've been in for some time. I never expected that to be the outcome of playing an FPS game when I normally just rage because I suck so bad.


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