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Scav'd into shoreline and ran to resort just to see if there were any dead bodies left behind after the gunfights that go down or some decent loot I could sell for cash. I didn't even hear you come down the stairs after checking the gym area for the red keycard and when you saw me wiggling you ceased fire, leaving me alive.

You came down the stairs and assisted me with healing, USEC and Scav working together seemed like a strange alliance. I didn't realize you were USEC until you used your voicelines, and as soon as you did the idea that I could just pop you in the face at any moment and try for the kill and steal was very much within my possibilities at this point. Ultimately the better decision in my mind was to team up and see what could be made of this alliance, after all you might very well have keys or something that could help me and I can scout areas where there might be scavs for you.

We began to search the rooms of the resort, you taking point and me following behind doing my best with a 10-round aks-74u to check corners and watch your back. After making our way up to the 3rd floor of the east wing and checking a room I heard a grenade, when I stepped out of the room I saw your laser pointed down the hall towards 310. I moved up, thinking maybe you just threw the nade for the sake of throwing a nade, and then I saw the shadowy figure poke out from the left side hall to fire at me as I ducked into the closest room for cover and you attempted to fire back at the assailant.

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It was at this point that I made a decision, you had spared my life and trusted me not to take yours. Now it was my turn to at least try and repay you, even if it was just as bait. I took a breath before tossing a frag down the hall towards the room and as it exploded I bolted through the doorway, down the hall and sprayed into the room as I rounded the corner emptying all 11 rounds in my tiny AK into the room before stepping away from the door and repeeking. The assailant lay dead, ready to loot as you used your voice commands from your spot where we first engaged.

Being a Scav and not able to use voice commands in English to tell you everything was good I did the only thing I could think of, shouted scav lines as I ran back to the doorway before giving you a thumbs up and running back to loot. I looted my kill and we continued for a while before I gave you a wave, finally figuring out where the command was on my hotkeys, and ran for my exit.

I came out of a raid as a scav alive all because you decided to stop shooting me, and I thank you for that. I haven't even been able to team up with other scavs on scav runs this wipe which makes the fact I teamed up with a PMC that much more exciting of a story to tell. Keep fighting the good fight, and may you always find bitcoins and ledx's on your runs.


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