Escape from Tarkov

The current recoil system is holding back Tarkov’s gunplay!

EDIT HERE SINCE NOBODY READS THE WHOLE POST BEFORE REPLYING: This was a meme post of mine, the OP is actually /u/RowdyReu. Stop gifting me these awards lol.

Also, I honestly don't think recoil is an issue — although the recoil skill in general 100% needs to be deleted from the game. The only way "Recoil Control" as a skill works is if you give us stat/skill points that we can choose to deposit into the various skills as we see fit (think Diablo 2: HP, Dex, Str, etc etc) each time we gain a new level. This still has an issue with "meta gaming" the stat progression, but at least it would be more MMORPG-esque like Tarkov was initially envisioned as.

Start: RowdyReu's thoughts vvvv

Let me start by acknowledging that I know this issue is constantly brought up. I believe it should, the exposure is needed to get the ball rolling. We're beta testers after all.

Tarkov's gunplay is absolutely unmatched to any other, for good AND bad reasons. Nothing is as exhilarating as getting that juicy Chad kill with your SkS, BP, and a dream. Semi-Auto recoil is a good example of rewarding mechanical skill with a side of realism.

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Fully automatic weapons on the other hand feel awkward to use. If I recall correctly, we're playing as trained PMCs who should be comfortable handling weapons. It's like you're controlling an independent entity rather than the PMC being an extension of YOU and YOUR skill. (Because of the idea that your PMC handles the recoil for you)

Other games are often compared to this one, and I believe that's a healthy way of taking inspiration for something that works in one game to another. Insurgency and Squad are a great example of semi-realistic games that have a rewarding and not far fetched recoil system.

(EDIT) In MY opinion, of course some people will be used to doing something and not want change. That's why there's a discussion tag. To discuss and trade input.

(EDIT 2) Since it's not obvious apparently, I believe the game should

1: Remove auto recoil correction

2: Buff singleshot and burst recoil

3: Penalize mag dumping

4: I called dibs.

5: I think this is backfiring.

6: This is definitely backfiring. My recoil skill isn't high enough apparently.


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