Escape from Tarkov

The dick stompings will continue until morale improves

How do they expect people with real lives to stay motivated to play?

I’m in a group of 5 guys who love EFT. Or at least, we used to love it. We are all 30-35 lifetime gamers, who have decent skills and lots of FPS experience. However, we’re adults, with careers and kids and pets and mortgages. We have a committed night every week for squad play, and then individually sneak scav runs or ratty PMC runs when we can during the week. I’d say we average about 7 hours a week, not counting passive time we roll over crafting in our hideouts.

By these metrics, I guess you could call us ‘casual’, but I refuse to. Honestly, I think we represent a decent portion of the player base. And it’s this population that I think is being kicked to the curb, to the detriment of the game’s longevity.

You see, as much as we enjoy the core gameplay aspects and immersive nature of the game, at every turn for the last while we’ve seen change after change come down the pike that just sucks our ability to make meaningful process out, mostly through changes that cripple us financially. We used to be able to rely on a couple of profitable crafts to generate passive income, which helped us keep some relevant gear to give us a chance against higher level players at all stages of the wipe, despite our slower progress. Now, it seems as though Papa Nikita only wants people to make money/supplies through FIR items. We can barely make it through a raid scrambling to find car batteries, let alone get a chance at the decently priced trader items before they’re out of stock. And when we do happen upon the chance to buy some fuel? Suddenly it’s 10X the price because fuck me I guess.

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It’s just punishing and petty and spiteful and completely demotivates us to play. We still want to play games together, but it’s becoming harder and harder to find the joy in EFT and we’re starting to look elsewhere. Which is a shame, because the gunplay in this game is so good it makes you angry at other games after.

So what needs to change? I had some ideas:

1) Reduce the number of FIR quests, and change some spawns to facilitate the rest:

When I first started playing there were only a few FIR required quests, and they were significant bottlenecks to progress. Which is fine! You need bottlenecks sometimes! But now, EVERY trash collecting quest is either a bottleneck, or completely negated by keeping items from the start of the wipe in your EFD bloated stash. Case in point: I finished my flash drive quests instantly, but haven’t seen a t-plug in 3 weeks.

They need to go back to having a few key quests that slow you down for a while, or have all of these FIR items have a few guaranteed spawn points so people can target them for completion. RNG is infuriating in a game that’s already punishing. The emotional roller coaster I had of finding 2 batteries in a raid and then dying to a hacker knocked me off EFT for a week.

2) Remove global trader limits:

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Keep the limits personal. Nobody can re-sell these things anyway, so what’s the logic of locking me out of semi-affordable gas cans? Or trades for intel? Also, you can’t tell me there’s no way for you to have different restock timers than the general trader restock. What if the Jaeger fuel was only twice a day, if you’re so interested in promoting scarcity. And if the limits are personal, you can futz with them more to promote balance while preventing huge disparities due to accessibility.

3) Locked bitcoin value:

This one is so stupidly simple I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet. We’ve seen the chaos caused by spiking bitcoin values. It’s driven an even bigger wedge between the “haves” and “have nots”. What happens to your changes when it crashes? The variable value makes it IMPOSSIBLE to balance the economy, because it’s constantly in flux. Lock the value at an arbitrary number ($300k? Idk), and then you have a reliable scale to balance around. You’ll be able to predict how much funds a player has access to at different progression points, and can balance the economy and game around those points! You have too many chaotic elements right now and you need some stability.

4) Keep adding crafts:

This is one area you’ve been doing great on this wipe, and I hope you continue to develop. Some of the pain has been removed on FIR items through crafting, and if you’re going to insist on FIR everything for quests, then make it so we can craft/disassemble whatever we need to into FIR status. At least that way we can grab stuff on scav runs, convert it to money, and then convert that money into things we need. You know, AN ECONOMY.

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Anyways, that’s just my dumb input, I’m sure it’ll get shit on cause we’re not streamers or teh hardcorez. BSG should hire me as a Canadian brand ambassador and game theory designer anyways 😛

See you when you collect my dogtags!


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