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The GL needs balance

Content of the article: "The GL needs balance"

Context: I'm usually not a complainer. I've got around 1500h of gameplay, and i've liked all the changes that have been made to the game lately (even unpopular ones like the weight system and FiR). I like to think that i'm very resonable when it comes to dying, i dont call hacker/camper/rat everytime i get killed, and i consider myself a decent player (Kappa, 100m+ stash value, around 50% SR plus a lot of pmc kills), and at this point of the wipe i usually play labs when solo and all other maps with my squad.

Having this in mind, i think the GL is way too overpowered to be left like this. I used it in the first days, and again now that they brought it back, but i just feel dirty using it, its too easy to use, it has no counter, and when you've got 50m+ roubles the 400k price doesnt balance it in any way.

Labs is a shit show since the GL got back. I can say that in rush hours, more than 30% of my raid in labs i've encountered players using the GL. And the problem is, there is no way to reliably counter it. You can hope that whoever is using it miss his first shot and you get the chance to maybe rush him when reloading, but the chance is very low.

Yesterday i got killed 3 times out of 5 raids in labs from a GL. First one i was looting green room, when leaving i 2 pmcs near the hangar on the second floor. Imediatly got behing the blue fence and prepared to hold an angle, just when a shot from the GL hit the wall on the other side of the hallway and killed me. Other time a guy heard me looting the black room, came running to the door, and shot from outside in an angle and killed me inside the room. Third one i heard footsteps on the corridors near the garage, and waited to get the drop on the squad that was coming. Killed one guy, the second shot the wall beside me with the GL from an angle that i coulnd't even see.

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What makes me sad is that in all these 3 fights, i literally had no chance to win. No counterplay. No outthinking my opponent. Just hope he misses his shot and maybe run away or try to engage knowning that if he has time to reload i'm dead.

You can say "but you can use it too" but i just don't get any satisfaction killing someone with a weapon that feels so dirty and easy to use.

I think that the way it is now, the GL has no place in tarkov. With all the other so called overpowered items(thermal, t7s, vogs) you have a chance to win. But right now there is no counter to the GL. I think the majority of the player base doesn't really see a lot of GLs in plays because people don't use it so much in other maps, but Labs is impossible to play now.

I think this sub already has a lot of suggestions to make the GL more balanced, like making armour tank some of the damage, lowering the blast radius, and so on. So i hope they do some of these balances soon.

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